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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of varicosity
Лечение варикозаVaricosity – trouble not only elderly, but also absolutely young. As often it happens that the young woman gets after the delivery convex knotty veins standing, pain, and other troubles of varicosity. Today on the pages we will consider how to distinguish the beginning varicosity how to treat and slow down its development.
Treatment of hernia
Лечение грыжиAll know, hernias happen different: mezhnozvonkovy, inguinal. Today we suggest you to esteem that represents each type of hernia as to treat it and how not to allow emergence of hernia. There is a set of types of hernias. How they arise?
Treatment and prevention of an allergy
Лечение и профилактика аллергииUnfortunately, not all manage to eliminate at least for a while this or that reason causing an allergy. And some do not manage at all. What have to be your actions in case of allergic reaction? Also let's ask a question, whether full disposal of an allergy and if it so, how is possible?
Treatment of epilepsy
Лечение эпилепсииEpilepsy sometimes call "a God's mark", believe that the people having epilepsy are marked out from above. The nature of emergence of this disease is still not established. Today with the magazine we will consider that such epilepsy as it is treated and how to behave in case near you there was a person having this illness.
Treatment of stutter
Лечение заиканияWhat unites such well-known people how Bruce Willis, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill and Napoleon? All of them stammered, but, having made efforts for overcoming of speech problems, they could achieve success and become famous. suggests to talk about it, including about methods of treatment of stutter.
Treatment of the grown nail
Лечение вросшего ногтяTo you, dear readers the problem of "the grown nail" is probably familiar. Some consider that it in general a trifle unworthy to attention, but, according to, the knowledge of what treatment is necessary at emergence of the grown nail, and the most important as not to allow it, will prevent nobody.
Treatment of pains in a back
Лечение болей в спинеYou are tormented by a back pain? And you have no time to take care of the own life and to descend in hospital? You always somewhere hurry, are afraid to be late, you are hurt by a back, but you continue "to run". Let's try deal with the magazine that can become the reason of pain in a back and as it is necessary to work in such situation.
Treatment of prostatitis
Лечение простатитаProstatitis – quite frequent disease disturbing men age of 25 years and more. According to about a half of the man's population in the middle age have a chronic form of prostatitis. In this article would like to acquaint you with the matter, having told about the possible reasons and the course of treatment of prostatitis.
Treatment of pancreatitis
Лечение панкреатитаPancreatitis – a disease at which there is a pancreas inflammation therefore its functioning is broken. The pancreas is behind and slightly lower than a stomach. Its main function – production of the pancreatic juice necessary for digestion of food. Therefore at pancreatitis first of all digestion process is broken.
How to treat quinsy
Как лечить ангинуYou drink cold drink, immunity weakens a little and the streptococcal infection starts managing at you in a throat. What to do if ached with quinsy, will try to tell completely below in the material prepared specially.
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