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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Advantage of apples
Польза яблокPerhaps, as the most popular fruit at Russians it is possible to consider apples. The fall is closer, the branches of apple-trees under weight of the ripening ruddy fruits bend more strongly. On August 19 orthodox Christians with pleasure celebrate Apple Saviour. Also they will go with baskets to temples that to consecrate the crop.
Useful properties of fennel
Полезные свойства укропаAny hostess when pickling and salting cucumbers tries to put umbrellas of fragrant fennel in bank. We adopted such experience at the grandmothers. We add this appetizing spice to different dishes. But not only it impacts beauty, aroma and unique relish to our culinary creations.
Useful properties of parsley
Полезные свойства петрушкиToday I will lead the speech about that that came to us from mountains. I believe, on garden beds many readers of grow up parsley. Its green leaflets decorate dishes on a dining table since early spring and until snow covers the earth wet nurse. After all plant this frost-resistant. And not only beauty and firmness parsley, but also a set of useful properties is allocated.
Cultivation of cucumbers
Выращивание огурцовTo cucumbers in Russia particular gastronomic interest. Any feast does not do without them. Both salt them, and pickle, and fresh they are good. It is not surprising that we try to grow up cucumbers on the sites and even on window sills. But not always we can brag of a good harvest of the cucumbers. Most often we write off all failures for weather.
How to grow up peonies
Как выращивать пионыI remember since the childhood that different grades of peonies always grew in our front garden or a garden. When moving we took away favourite bushes with ourselves. Put on a new place. And what our chagrin when neither in May, nor in June of flowers we did not wait was. Then I undertook studying of materials how to return to our pionchik ability to blossoming. Understood the mistakes, everything corrected.
How to look after strawberry
Как ухаживать за клубникойStrawberry – a plant very compact and decorative and when blossoms gentle white florets, and at all not to have eyes glued. It is especially pleasant that all this beauty later to turn a month into ripe red berries. And the cheesecake will seem to you much more with pleasure bought in shop, after all it you cherished this forest beauty.
How to grow up mint
Как вырастить мятуFrom aromatic herbs mint, perhaps, the most known grass. Not to confuse the taste its refreshing, a little cooling with anything. It is not difficult to grow up mint at all. Within its powers to any beginning gardener. For certain, it will be interesting to the child. Mint, quite, quickly grows. It is unpretentious. Will grow practically on any place allocated for it.
Useful and harmful houseplants
Полезные и вредные комнатные растенияPresently, when the ecology leaves much to be desired, the increasing popularity is received by houseplants. These lovely flowers create positive mood the beauty, clear the polluted air, humidify, relieve of many microbes. But among houseplants is also harmful which cannot be held in the house if you have small children.
Care of seedling
Уход за рассадойIt is possible to grow up seedling for itself to land at dacha or a personal plot and to receive a crop of own vegetables, and it is possible to grow up seedling for the purpose of sale and to make this business the small business. Care of seedling is not difficult and anyone can quite master it. The main thing to create optimum conditions for development of young plants.
How to replace falenopsis
Как пересадить фаленопсисFalenopsis – a find for the beginning fan of orchids. And not only in a contents question, but also its changes. Falenopsis is the simplest orchid which it is possible to contain houses easily. But, nevertheless, many think that falenopsis is a plant to which it is impossible even to touch and breathe, without speaking about its change. Actually it not so.
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