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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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The recipe of meatballs with rice
Рецепт тефтелей с рисомOne of the most widespread dishes for the daily house menu are cutlets. It is very convenient to prepare them for the future and to give all week. However, these can cause at house the most real strike with requirements to diversify a table. But if all from the same forcemeat you prepare meatballs with rice, threat of revolt of members of household for a long time will recede.
Recipe of a pie Count ruins
Рецепт торта Графские развалиныThe cake with the charming name "Count Ruins" was one of the first pies which I learned to prepare. And after all then the first experience of pastries threatened to turn back failure! The schoolmate who appeared the confectioner's daughter educated me that the presents "Count ruins" prepare from cream and proteinaceous dough – meringue.
The recipe of the stuffed squids
Рецепт фаршированных кальмаровSeafood in general and squids in particular is tasty and useful, from them it is possible to prepare a set of dishes. But for some reason thus the most popular squids dishes are various salads and dried squids under beer which are bought in the next supermarket. It is possible even to call such approach to preparation of these mollusks unfair.
Roll from chicken fillet
Рулет из куриного филеCutlets, stewed meat, semi-finished cutlets … Most often our menu consists of these meat dishes. No wonder that for days off or, especially, by holidays there is a wish to prepare something extraordinary. But also such not really to strain. And it is nourishing. And that was enough or for the big company, or for couple of days. Meat roll meets all these requirements.
Beer bacon soup
Пивной суп с бекономBeer bacon soup is considered a dish of the Belgian cuisine and carries the sonorous name "Roularius Soup". But beer soups are and in other national cuisines, for example, in Czech, Polish, of course, German and even the Russian. They are given hot, cooked that alcohol completely evaporated, or, on the contrary, pour in beer at the last minute. There are also cold beer soups.
Useful properties and recipes with a feijoa
Полезные свойства и рецепты с фейхоаAt the beginning of November on market disorders feijoa berries, dark green with pimples, start appearing. And if – a persimmon, tangerines, grenades – we well know traditional "winter" fruit and we love, the feijoa still causes some fears and not so is in large quantities eaten. Nevertheless, berries of a feijoa can take not the last place in our winter diet.
The recipe of a chakhokhbila from chicken
Рецепт чахохбили из курицыChakhokhbili from chicken, was chakhokhbit from a turkey, chakhokhbit from a duck … These names suggest an idea that "chakhokhbil" is some intricate type of processing of a bird. Actually "chakhokhbil" – the name of a ready dish, and the species of a bird in the name is specified because initially the pheasant who in Georgian will be "чахох" was called as this word.
Recipe of soup of a gazpacho
Рецепт супа гаспачоContinuing a subject of the well-known national dishes, suggests to prepare a gazpacho today. This Spanish soup is irreplaceable during a summer heat when from one thought of rich Russian cabbage soup throws into sweat, and also in the fall when abundance of vegetables simply demands "to be vitaminized" for the future. The gazpacho will be to the taste to both women, and children, and – the most surprising – to men.
Recipe of soup of kharcho
Рецепт супа харчоFragrant, spicy and rich soup of kharcho strongly wins hearts of eaters, and behind the recipe of its preparation it is not necessary to go to Georgia at all. suggests you suit house the Georgian restaurant at home, and to prepare one of options of the well-known soup.
Recipe of preparation of lamian
Рецепт приготовления лагманаThere are dishes which can be carried to first courses, soups. There are second dishes. And here it is already more difficult to identify goulash. Dense soup? Or nevertheless liquid second dish? Similar doubts are raised by a question, to what category of dishes to refer lamian. Give together with we will try to understand it and at the same time we will prepare this nourishing dish.
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