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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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With what to wear a fur vest Clothes
С чем носить меховую жилеткуMany women do not represent the clothes without products from fur, whether it be gloves, boots, a bag or a fur coat. And recently fur vests enjoy the increasing popularity. This bagatelle is quite universal, after all approaches practically any figure, besides is capable to add chic and grace to any image.
Manicure on feng shui Beauty and health
Маникюр по фэн-шуйFen-shuy strongly entered our life and even those who says that does not believe in him, from time to time nevertheless puts money in the necessary direction, and on a table hold the frog looking precisely at the East. Did not avoid this order of the day and manicure.
Evening dresses 2014 Clothes
Вечерние платья 2014Issue – the event making tremble any representative of a fine half of mankind. The similar state is directly connected with appearance, after all any lady wants to be always on the ball and to look delightful and is unforgettable. Invaluable service in it will be rendered by an evening dress – the elegant and magnificent weapon which is present at an arsenal of each woman.
Massage of hands: its features and version Beauty and health
Массаж рук: его особенности и разновидностиHands is that part of a human body which demands a permanent care irrespective of, than you are engaged and with whom work. They constantly are subjected to various tests with different intensity.
Brondirovaniye of a hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Брондирование волосProcedure of a brondirovaniye of hair – rather new phenomenon which already managed to win the army of fans. A tendency of the last time – aspiration to creation of natural beauty therefore many girls give preference to the natural shades which are visually increasing dimensions and an ukhozhennost of hair.
Use of rose attar Beauty and health
Применение розового маслаThe queen of flowers – a rose also by right carries a proud rank of the queen of aromas. The rose smell tart, sweet and gentle at the same time since ancient times is associated with luxury, feminity and refinement. Its unique properties were open in the X century when from this flower Avicenna received first-ever essential oil. And thanks to the qualities rose attar became irreplaceable in cosmetology.
Spices for weight loss Beauty and health
Специи для похуденияSpices became an integral part of our life long ago: shops and the markets offer a huge choice of various seasonings to any our dish, whether it be meat, fish, vegetables or any other food. But how to use spices during a diet? After all there is no wish to eat tasteless food at all, it, at least, very much demotivates to observance of the food mode.
Use of serum for hair Beauty and health
Использование сыворотки для волосLong, brilliant, healthy hair are decoration of each woman. Therefore the world of cosmetology does not stand still and offers more and more novelties on care of hair. Recently various hair serums became very popular. They combine properties of masks, conditioners and staylingovy means.
Modern style grunge Clothes
Современный стиль гранжGrunge style in clothes (in translation from English – dirty, slovenly) appeared in the 90th years of last century, as a youth protest against the standard rules and standards. It is known that at first style grunge was one of the directions in rock music which generated new youth subculture.
Use of apricot oil Beauty and health
Применение абрикосового маслаToday among all variety of oils on shelves of shop it is also possible to find and apricot oil. Many think that it is some novelty, but actually apricot oil was known from an extreme antiquity. This oil thanks to the nutritiousness found application in cookery, and thanks to the softening properties it widely is used in cosmetology.
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