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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Juniper, landing and leaving
Можжевельник, посадка и уходThe mankind decorates with a juniper as decorative culture parks, the gardens and the territory near the house already one thousand years. This coniferous tree looks esthetically, is compact and allocated a set of useful properties. Represent, dear readers of, one big adult bush of this hvoynik is capable to clear of bacteria and viruses space about itself and more!
Dahlias, landing and leaving
Георгины, посадка и уходI cannot agree that the fall – is time sad. Yes, the grass withers, fall down from trees leaves, the nature prepares for rest … But how many still bright paints before us – eyes a charm! Look at flower beds – there are dismissed magnificent, plentifully and long blossoming dahlias surprising with a variety of forms and colourings.
Useful properties of a melissa
Полезные свойства мелиссыIf you have a country site, be not limited to cultivation only of vegetable cultures, fruit-trees, berries and creation of a flower bed. Try to find a place and for modest and unpretentious herbs. Some of them bright and unusual, have a pleasant smell and mass of curative properties. For example, the melissa will help to get rid of a stress and a depression.
Application of a calendula
Применение календулыCalendula – popular decoration of flower beds in parks, kindergartens, near houses in the yards and in hospital territories. This bright and odorous plant and on personal plots the frequent settler. And after all many know that this beauty belongs to herbs.
Useful properties of a dogrose
Полезные свойства шиповникаThe generous fall continues to please us with a crop. Time came to collect the dogrose decorating front gardens, country sites, edges of the woods. Our ancestors claimed that this wonderful doctor will replace seven doctors. Therefore suggests the readers to stock up with valuable bright fruits and to use them for improvement and longevity.
Application of a thistle
Применение расторопшиToday we will talk about the high harmonous thistle with beautiful motley leaves and valuable seeds which is not only decorative, but also a herb. Many years apply it in medicine, study in various medical institutions and scientific centers.
Medicinal properties of a yarrow
Лечебные свойства тысячелистникаWith many herbs I was acquainted by the grandmother in the childhood. Among them there was also a white squash everywhere growing in the village on different sites – on a forest clearing, a lawn near the house, along roadsides and even in a kitchen garden. The grandmother carefully cut off a grass and said that it is useful if suddenly who "a stomach zaneduzhit" and learned to put the crumpled grass to the bleeding wound.
Useful properties of blackberry
Полезные свойства ежевикиThis summer opened to the readers new data on useful properties of berries, such as strawberry, bilberry, raspberry. And now one more delicacy, worthy our attention - blackberry ripens on garden sites. This black berry is necessary the close relative to red raspberry. But not all know about that, as it is allocated with curative properties. Here we will also talk about it in article.
Medicinal properties of a tansy
Лечебные свойства пижмыWalking in the summer on a rural meadow or the mixed wood, it is difficult not to notice brightly orange or intensively yellow florets similar to the small buttons collected in the inflorescences reminding a guard in a grass. So the tansy ordinary, officially recognized herb grows. In this article will in detail acquaint the readers with its properties, methods of application and contraindications.
Medicinal properties of a sporysh
Лечебные свойства спорышаFor the first time sporysh I saw in the village where spent summer vacation. I very much liked dark green "rug" from a low creeping grass on a lawn near the house. The grandmother then explained that so grows sporysh or a gusyatnik. And at once it became clear why in the people called by such name a plant: every day to us on a lawn neighbour's geese hurried to pinch from time to time a favourite grass.
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