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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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French-style meat
Мясо по-французскиMany dishes which long ago became classical in the menu of our compatriots often undergo such freakish changes that from the initial recipe as a result there is only a name. Most French-style meat "was lucky". Here where the national imagination cleared up! Versions of the recipe there is a weight, and offers you one of the most popular today.
Hepatic pie
Печеночный тортHepatic pies are tasty and original, they can become decoration of any holiday table. They can be prepared from a liver of any kind: chicken, indyushiny, beef, etc. Taste of a dish will be good anyway, and here the structure will be different: more uniform if it is a chicken liver, very fine-grained of indyushiny and coarse-grained of a beef liver.
Recipe of the "Prague" pie
Рецепт «Пражского» тортаThe pie compounding "Prague" was developed by Vladimir Mikhaylovich Guralnik, the chief confectioner of Prague restaurant. He could not take out the patent for the work of confectionery art and therefore it was authorized to do this pie at all factories. The "Prague" pie began to be prepared nearly in each house soon. We suggest also you to join the ranks of admirers of a pie "Prague".
Fried beef liver in mushroom sauce
Жареная говяжья печень в грибном соусеVery few people now prepare an udder, beef tails and an other offal. From all this variety the most popular offal there is a liver. And most often buy a bird's or beef liver. In this recipe we will tell how it is correct to fry beef liver and to turn it into a dish worthy not only a daily, but also holiday table.
Recipe of cheese sticks
Рецепт сырных палочекToday's recipe from for certain will be to the taste to all fans of cheese. There are cheese grades which are perfectly combined with coffee and tea, and true gourmets and experts on the correct drink of beer claim that than cheese and various dishes from it not to find the best snack to beer. Here about one of them the speech will also go further.
The recipe of the stuffed champignons
Рецепт фаршированных шампиньоновFor the believing Christians the Lent proceeds. In the daily menu there is only fruit, vegetables, numerous grain and, of course, mushrooms. brings to your attention the recipe of a dish from champignons which can please itself, without violating rules of food during the preeaster period. And on the termination of a post the same dish can be prepared in other, not fast option.
Recipe of meat cakes
Рецепт мясных кексовMeat cakes are very simple in preparation and take away time and forces much less, than the same cutlets. Except everything, at the expense of the unusual form, they are ideally suited not only for daily, but also for the festive menu, and the original stuffing does them attractive and for baby food.
Fried flounder, recipes
Жареная камбала, рецептыToday it would be desirable to talk about fish whom many consider inconvenient in preparation, tasteless – about a flounder. More than once it is possible to hear, as meat in it is practically not present. And here in Odessa, for example, the flounder is respected and prepare from it a set of various dishes. We submit to your attention couple of recipes of preparation of a flounder fried, and, we hope, it will be pleasant to you.
The recipe of the fish baked in a foil
Рецепт рыбы, запеченной в фольгеFor some reason at our daily menu there are meat products, but not fish more often. And meanwhile, from fish it is possible to prepare a set of various dishes, and to fry her for this purpose optional. For example, roasting where keeps useful properties of fish better. Generally, today will try to convince you to make a simple and nourishing dinner from fish for all family.
Recipe of preparation of stuffed cabbage
Рецепт приготовления голубцовStuffed cabbage - a dish, traditional for Slavic and Baltic cuisine. In many families there are favourite types of a stuffing: from meat and buckwheat cereal, from vegetables and rice and even from potatoes. And as all of them prepare on one technology, brings to your attention the recipe of classical meat and rice stuffed cabbage.
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