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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Features of a profession of the merchandiser Work
Особенности профессии мерчендайзераThe merchandiser – one more new and for many the frightening word. Despite the growing demand of this profession, competitors often come to interview, without having about it idea. We will explain that belongs to the merchandiser's duties, what requirements to candidates for this position, and also we will tell of pluses, minuses of work and possible prospects.
Review of the movie Trick Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ВыкрутасыThe teacher Slava Kolotilov dreams to become the well-known writer and brings the first story on court of publishers to Moscow. There he is run over by a car of the beauty Nadia which just went to a list with the groom. These are "Trick" therefore Slava and Nadia almost instantly become couple and plan to celebrate the wedding. But it only prelude...
How to learn to draw graffiti Rest and entertainments
Как научиться рисовать граффитиThe word "graffiti" comes from the Italian verb "to scratch". It is considered graffiti rather new type of visual art which attracts more and more people among whom is also young and not really, but most of all in this movement of teenagers. In this article we will tell that such graffiti in the essence and how to start being engaged in this art.
Features of a profession of the sales representative Work
Особенности профессии торгового представителяIn spite of the fact that this profession appeared in Russia recently, but became very demanded. Newspapers dazzle with announcements "the sales representative is required". Acquaintances go to interviews and tell about the promised very decent salary. But plainly anybody also does not know who such "trade representative", and whether is worth a game the candle.
Review of the movie Sanktum Cinema
Рецензия на фильм СанктумThe group of fanatic cave explorers, seemingly, found the next speleological sensation: through pass through a cave which settles down on the mountain, directly to the ocean. Plans of divers cave explorers change with arrival of a tropical storm which appeared suddenly and filled in an ill-fated cave with water chock-full. Now they have the only way upward – through thickness of water.
How to enter to medical school It is useful to know
Как поступить в медицинский ВУЗAnnually in Russia more than 100000 yesterday's graduates become entrants of medical schools. To the graduate of school to look for some years ahead did not stick, and therefore criteria of a choice differ. We suggest to understand, both a rating of medical schools of Russia, and some rules, observing which the entrant will be enlisted in first-year students.
Holiday of the Baptism of the Lord Religion
Праздник Крещения ГосподняThe holiday of the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated by Orthodox church on January 19th. This holiday comes right after 11 days given to the Christmas-tide. A Christmas-tide divides two orthodox holidays – Christmas and the Epiphany. The holiday is called as the Epiphany in memory of bible events of a baptism of Jesus in the river of Jordan (also this day is called as the Epiphany).
How to become the professional journalist Work
Как стать профессиональным журналистомIn the last decades, in connection with growth of information resources, the journalist's profession became especially demanded. Depending on where future journalist will work – TV, radio, print media, internet mass-media – differs specifics of preparation. Work as the journalist assumes a set of nuances in work with information and its giving.
Review of the movie Tourist Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ТуристHer name is Alice, she is a mistress of Mr. Alexander Pearce, the international bandit and the adventurer. Pearce to enter police into confusion, gives to Alice a task – to find somebody and to make so that all took it someone for Pearce. After Alice chooses as Frank's "victim" (the ordinary teacher), life of the man changes radically.
How to choose the lawyer Services
Как выбрать адвокатаTo win trial and without participation of the lawyer it is possible. But it is necessary to be sure that will be able independently to produce to court all necessary evidence, without having missed something important. Participation in business of the lawyer relieves of the majority of the inconveniences connected with conducting business. And here just also there is a question, to what lawyer it is best of all to address.
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