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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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What is the Cabbala The unknown
Что такое КаббалаThird-party researchers of the Cabbala usually define it as the esoteric doctrine which arose within Judaism and on its basis. According to the most widespread version, the Cabbala arose in the XII century though some kabbalists are sure that their doctrine, or, at least, its sources total not one millennium.
Use of oil of black caraway seeds It is useful to know
Применение масла черного тминаSeeds of black caraway seeds are grown up in the countries of North Africa and East Asia today. These seeds are well-known traditional fragrant seasoning which is widely used in cookery and not only.
Who such skinheads It is useful to know
Кто такие скинхедыThe meeting with them hardly someone will leave indifferent. Someone is afraid of them in panic, someone simply bypasses the tenth road, and someone admires their way of life and ideology. – skinheads it is difficult not to learn the shaven heads, heavy boots from far away. Today we suggest to talk about the one who they are such, whether it is worth being careful of them and why.
How to make soap bubbles of the house It is useful to know
Как сделать мыльные пузыри домаSoap bubbles are on sale in any children's shop. But if to prepare their houses, having connected children to process, game with them will become twice more interesting. Especially as they become very simply.
Apple Saviour: holiday history Religion
Яблочный спас: история праздникаThe last month of summer is marked by a set of orthodox holidays. The special place among them is taken by three Saviours, each of which has the value in life of believers. Unites their one: all of them are connected with Christ Redeemer in honor of whom are called.
Who such Gotha It is useful to know
Кто такие готыGotha – representatives of one of the most exotic and mysterious subcultures existing in the modern world. Interestingly and that to be called as Ghat, the person surely has to like the bewitching atmosphere of Gothic culture.
Honey Saviour: in total about a holiday Religion
Медовый спас: все о праздникеAugustus - in a year, and in August in public favourite Saviours celebrate the most fruitful month. The first Saviour call Honey or Maccabee. Mark out him on August 14, this day on a church calendar the beginning of the Dormition Fast which proceeds till a Christian holiday of the Dormition of the Theotokos is necessary.
What is the Ayurveda The unknown
Что такое аюрведаThe medicine, in modern understanding of this term, appeared long ago. The Ayurveda arose even earlier. The most ancient of all medical doctrines carried by sacral knowledge through the millennia and is ready to present health and a pacification to everyone who will follow its way. Why today at so high level of development of medicine people even more often address to the Ayurveda?
Advantage of black salt It is useful to know
Польза черной солиBlack salt long since enjoys popularity in the most different spheres of human life – cooking, healing and even magic. It is a unique product which can impact to food unique relish and relieve of diseases. But what such black salt and why its application is shrouded in a dense aura of mystery? In this article you learn that black salt is unusual not only because of the color …
How to gather birch sap It is useful to know
Как собирать березовый сокThe spring – is time when the nature comes to life, on streets streams flow, burns the sun. Children and adults in an anticipation of some miracle. And miracle already nearby. At the very beginning of spring the nature is ready to share with us vitamins that we filled everything that was lost or simply was not enough in the winter. It gives us birch sap.
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