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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Bad mood how to help itself? Psychology of the personality
Плохое настроение, как помочь самому себе?The bad mood is the state familiar to all people. Someone is subject to it more often, someone is more rare. The person with bad mood is sluggish and apathetic, unpleasant in communication, everything irritates him. recommends to the readers to get rid quicker of bad mood, you will be helped by some ways.
Children's aggression: what is such and how to cope with it? Psychology of the personality
Детская агрессия: что это такое и как с ней справиться?Very often, on the street it is possible to see such picture when the kid of 2-3 years desperately beats the mother, shouts and stamps legs, and that, in reply too not him swears, trying to calm. It is the most striking example of children's aggression which we see nearly an every day.
How to bring up in itself resistance to stress? Psychology of the personality
Как воспитать в себе стрессоустойчивость?"It is not necessary to be afraid of a stress. It does not happen only at the dead. The stress should be operated. The operated stress bears in itself aroma and taste of life." (Hans Selye, the Canadian scientist) When say about the person that he – stress-resistant, it means that he is able to cope with stresses. Difficultly it or is easy? decided to understand this question. And for a start small test.
How to behave on the first appointment Psychology of the relations
Как вести себя на первом свиданииThe first appointment is, perhaps, one of the most memorable events in our life if, it, of course led to the serious relations. It especially that everyone who is going to meet for the first time the person, new to himself, extraordinary worries, after all to it wants to make the best impression about itself.
How to return the ex-boyfriend Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть бывшего парняHow to return the ex-boyfriend? This problem excites most of young girls. And each of us at least once in life asked a similar question. Many couples leave because of gossips. One more widespread situation – appeared the competitor. If your guy kind and attentive and suddenly left to another, unambiguously, both are guilty of it. Let's try understand.
How quickly to define psychotype of the person Psychology of the personality
Как быстро определить психотип человекаFive psychotypes are created by Susan Dellinger, the American psychologist. She called the theory – psychogeometry as all its psychotypes are associated with one of the main geometrical figures. According to psychologists, people seldom happen pronounced one psychotype, most often, it is the mixed types, with prevalence of one main type.
Why girls love bad guys Psychology of the relations
Почему девушки любят плохих парнейIn spite of the fact that "good guys" are often more educated, achieve success in career easier and possess a set of merits, girls continue to fall in love with "bad guys", risking to be deceived and thrown. Why the image of "the bad guy" so attracts a weak half of mankind? And what to do to "good guys"?
How to find to itself friends Psychology of the relations
Как найти себе друзейMany years ago La Rochefoucauld noticed that as if the true love seldom did not meet, the true friendship meets even less often. Often friendship call only the friendly relations – when it is interesting to spend time with the person. In our times the situation did not change at all, to find the true friend very difficult. Despite it, let's look for friends and to learn to be on friendly terms.
How to develop attention Psychology of the personality
Как развить вниманиеVarious deviations in attention can lead to failures. For example, I know the girl who at interview did not pass a test for IQ of work. As it appeared, she can solve almost all tasks of test for IQ. And here the test for switching of attention showed that it needs a lot of time for switching for the following task. I suggested it to train attention.
How to return the wife Psychology of the relations
Как вернуть женуMarried women often are afraid of leaving of the husband, and here men start thinking of the reasons of so drastic measures only while the entrance door was closed behind the wife. No entreaties, tears and talk up to this point in 99% of cases are perceived by the man seriously. If you ask yourself a question "How to return the wife?", this article for you.
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