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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Weight loss on Tabat's system Beauty and health
Похудение по системе ТабатаThe system is developed by the Japanese doctor especially for modern young people for Tabat's weight loss: eternally seeking for the weight loss and a slim figure but which thus do not have excess time.
Face packs from porridge Beauty and health
Маски для лица из овсянкиWomen always wanted to look more attractive and more beautiful, after all fresh well-groomed skin – the first step on the way to success. That it is only not necessary to do that skin shone – massages, – everything not to list chemical peelings, cleanings and masks. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to a simple and available food product – porridge.
How to take away cheeks Beauty and health
Как убрать щекиChubby and ruddy cheeks are decoration of small children, and here for adults is the real esthetic problem. And it is necessary to approach its decision in a complex. There are some methods which will help to take away cheeks.
Use of amber acid for weight loss Beauty and health
Применение янтарной кислоты для похуденияEverything who once faced excess weight, know how it is difficult to dump it. It is possible to accept medicines, to go on a rigid diet and not to achieve results. But those who accepted amber acid for weight loss, assure that they achieved symmetry quickly enough and without efforts.
As it is correct to shave a bikini zone Beauty and health
Как правильно брить зону бикиниWith approach of a beach season many girls wish to look attractively: the beautiful bathing suit, equal suntan attract all eyes of an opposite sex but if in the field of bikini hairs are looked through, it will look not esthetically.
Hair oil of a tea tree Hairstyles and hairdresses
Масло чайного дерева для волосOil of a tea tree has a wide range of application and it is especially useful for hair. If to add some drops of oil to shampoo or to prepare with it medical masks, hair will be not simply fragrant, but also healthy, brilliant and strong.
Oil of a tea tree from spots Beauty and health
Масло чайного дерева от прыщейIf you have problems with face skin, and you tried on yourself a set of useless medicines, and spots on a place, try treatment by oil of a tea tree. Everything for some procedures can achieve the clean shining skin.
Masks for hair from mayonnaise Hairstyles and hairdresses
Маски для волос из майонезаWomen in a pursuit of beauty, sometimes spend unreal money and do not even suspect that there are means which will help them, that they use every day. For example, mayonnaise. About its influence on hair legends among beauties who love folk remedies already go.
How to put a flash to Tat Krasota and health
Как нанести флэш татуNot each person will dare to make the real tattoo. And sometimes so there is a wish to surprise friends with original drawing on a body and to draw to itself attention. If you do not want to spoil gentle young skin constant tattoos, there are some other ways. One of such options – a temporary tattoo a tattoo flash.
As the hairstyle is carried out by fire Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как проводится стрижка огнем"A hairstyle fire" - a novelty in the world of hairdresser's art. Sounds a little terribly, but in too time and intriguingly. Two incompatible things would seem: hair and fire, and result impressive!
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