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Reference information about river and sea cruises, about travel by railway transport and air flights: how to book tickets, rules of transportation, registration. And also reviews of travel agencies, reviews of airlines.
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As it is correct to pack a suitcase
Как правильно собрать чемоданWhat can spoil holiday except bad weather and at the wrong time the called administration? The truth moment – assembly of things! This psychological process is compelled to take place everyone who hopes to spend holidays, having a rest, but without running on shops in search of necessary things. So it is necessary to take with itself in holiday?! And how everything to find room for it into a suitcase?
Rules of passing of customs control (Russia)
Правила прохождения таможенного контроля (Россия)Holiday – is time carefree. There is a wish to lead him to the pleasure. Someone has a rest at dacha, someone travels across Russia, and someone goes abroad. Many tourists think that, having received the international passport, they quietly can go without any obstacles anywhere. However when passing customs control there are rules which are useful for knowing.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, ch.2
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.2As you remember, in the previous article we tried to bring up some vital issues concerning purchase of the ticket, its correct interpretation and also lit a number of rules of transportation of children, baggage, animal. We continue our short review, and this time we will pay attention to that level of service which is offered on the Russian railroad today.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, p.1
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.1To tireless travelers all roads are good: someone goes by plane to see foreign types, someone goes by bus to suburban board to spend days of holiday in the native district and who is simply torn in a railway trip to the sea, dreaming of it all winter. Within this material we will talk about a railway trip.
Review of the Russian airlines
Обзор российских авиакомпанийIn our country some tens airlines providing various tariffs for their services, both to individuals, and corporate and to people of a VIP-class are engaged in air transportation. We will provide to your attention the list of the most popular airlines which take the leading positions in a rating for the 2007th year.
How to choose travel agency
Как выбрать турагентствоThe winter came to an end also the majority of us, having opened daily logs, made record – "To think of holiday". It is no secret that presently everything who can afford it – carry out a two-three of summer weeks abroad. We hope that our councils will help you to be defined by how it is better with advantage for sincere and corporal health to organize holiday.
Air flights ch.3, (flight)
Авиаперелеты ч.3, (перелет)Air flight for those who decided to go to travel by plane for the first time, in actual fact not such simple occupation. Purchase of the air ticket brings a lot of trouble even upon those who already at least once flew. Do not think that we want you to intimidate – avipereleta and without ours much not on temper. We have absolutely other purpose: to tell that it is necessary to know for travel.
Air flights ch.2, (rules of flight)
Авиаперелеты ч.2, (правила перелета)Continuing the story about air flights, we will try to inform to readers useful data on the basic rules of travel by the air transport. New to yourself you learn something, having studied rules of transportation of baggage and animals. In interests of ensuring safe and comfortable flight rules of flight of passengers which knowledge is obligatory are developed.
Air flights p.1, (air tickets)
Авиаперелеты ч.1, (авиабилеты)You go to travel according to the permit, or perhaps decided to fly simply on a visit to expecting you native to other city or the country long ago? What way it is best of all to use that quickly and with comfort to reach the right place? Of course, plane! In a number of the articles will try to tell about all subtleties concerning air flights.
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