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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
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Kundalini of the yogi for beginners
Кундалини йога для начинающихVery few people know about it and heard. It is approach, unusual to yoga, but after all – it is considered kundalin the real yoga. The effect from occupations by this type of yoga can be gained very quickly, unlike long years of comprehension of classical types, but correctly to make it it will be very hard.
Ashtanga of the yogi
Аштанга йогаPassing by the centers where practice yoga, the first that the person sees, it is the relaxed pupils of yoga – in a pose of "lotus". "Yoga", - thinks uninitiated, – "it as easy as shelling pears, here so to sit, having closed eyes and not to think of anything". Actually everything is much more serious.
Rajah of the yogi
Раджа йогаThe main objective of Raj of yoga is not meditation, and its base, according to the treatise of the ancient wise man Pandzhali, complete cessation of ability to form thoughts says. Besides, the pupil reaches ability to operate the thoughts and studies self-discipline.
Боди-балетBallerinas can be described a set of epithets: beautiful, harmonous, flexible, air, weightless. To achieve similar results, girls begin the career since the earliest years. Wearisome daily trainings, a healthy lifestyle and special food bear fruit – millions of enthusiastic views and a delightful body.
Hatha yoga for beginners
Хатха-йога для начинающихThe yoga is the whole interesting world in which such components as a strong, sound body, strong spirit and many other things closely intertwine. Presently began to practice yoga to the popular. One of yoga steps under the name of a hatkh, includes many complexes.
ЙогалатесPresently the healthy lifestyle and the beautiful tightened body strongly enter fashion. The experts representing various sports directions are not tired to think out something new. So, at the end of the XX century it was invented yogalates – the extraordinary practice in fitness which united in itself two similar philosophies: yoga and Pilates.
Respiratory gymnastics for children
Дыхательная гимнастика для детейIt is known that charging, both for the adult, and for the child, helps to become healthy. We got used to speak about physical exercises. But there is a special technique of disposal of many illnesses – respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikov.
Gymnastics for a neck
Гимнастика для шеиSpeak about age of the woman not only a face and hands, but also one more part of a body – a neck. Skin differs in a subtlety here and the fatty layer is practically absent therefore it is very important to keep muscles in a constant tone, and for this purpose it is necessary to do special gymnastics for a neck.
Yoga at pregnancy
Йога при беременностиThe most pleasant disturbing period in life of each woman is a pregnancy. At this time the organism prepares for serious work. That both the kid, and the woman felt harmoniously, there is a special gymnastics, a name at which – yoga.
As it is correct to be engaged on the elliptic exercise machine
Как правильно заниматься на эллиптическом тренажереIf you want to get the cardiovascular machine, but do not know what to take, we suggest to stop on an orbitreka. It is based on the best functions of a racetrack and the stepper and is capable to give loading to all groups of muscles of a body, effectively burning calories and without loading joints. Really, it is a find in the sphere of sport and fitness, especially in shops house models, quite available at the price, are on sale.
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