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Rest and entertainments

Councils for a variety of your rest. What unusual entertainments to think up to itself at a leisure, where to go to have a rest and many other ways of relaxation - about everything read in this section.
Rest and entertainments: all articles
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How to be prepared for fishing?
Как подготовиться к рыбалке?Of course, many of us very much love fishing. And also very many of us do not know how it is correct to be prepared for it to avoid various excesses, accidents and simply unpleasant moments. Besides, there are special rules of behavior on fishing which knowledge is also included into preparation process.
How to win in the totalizator?
Как выиграть в тотализаторе?Today the many people are played the totalizator. Set of rates of players forms a prize fund which provides payments to those who wins. It should be noted that the totalizator differs from bookmaker office in that the estimated sizes of a possible prize are not known. Let's understand these "hazardous" questions.
How to organize the leisure
Как организовать свой досугIn any magazine, including even Cosmopolitan, it is full of councils on a subject how to get rid of a depression. And here for some reason, how to diversify the leisure, do not write! Let's meet this lack and we will think together, than to occupy a heap … weight … in any case, the whole abyss of free time! The leisure can be considered from two points of view: rest seasonal and rest daily.
As it is correct to drink whisky
Как правильно пить вискиThe right to be called as the homeland of whisky is challenged by Scotland and Ireland. As the situation is actually, nobody knows, however the first written mention of this drink belongs to Scotland. Whisky – noble drink and needs to drink it respectively. The generous scale of taste and aroma will reveal only at its correct use.
Games on summer holiday
Игры на летнем отдыхеOrganized rest is the planned action including an expanded programme of actions. Nothing will decorate an outdoor recreation as games and competitive programs. Game is that carries away the person since the childhood. Games outdoors do rest more fascinating and unforgettable. And we offer you options of games for any budget, the status and age.
Than to occupy the child in the summer
Чем занять ребенка летомAcademic year ended, there came the long-awaited summer time. But parents have a question now, than to occupy the child that it did not go crazy from inaction and excess of energy on summer vacation. I offer readers some ideas how to spend summer with advantage and not to leave time for boredom and inaction, – for those who will be with the child during house vacation.
Game in darts, councils a beginner
Игра в дартс, советы начинающимDarts – very interesting game and, probably, the most democratic sport! It is possible to begin occupations at any age and thus to achieve significant sports success. Quite really for 100-120 dollars to provide itself with a qualitative target for darts and a set of darts. And the place for continuous trainings can always be allocated at itself at work or in the apartment.
How to learn to draw graffiti
Как научиться рисовать граффитиThe word "graffiti" comes from the Italian verb "to scratch". It is considered graffiti rather new type of visual art which attracts more and more people among whom is also young and not really, but most of all in this movement of teenagers. In this article we will tell that such graffiti in the essence and how to start being engaged in this art.
Where to buy and how to prepare a hookah
Где купить и как приготовить кальянIf you at least once did not try a hookah, you lost a lot of things, after all smoking of this unusual adaptation is in due form capable to bring unforgettable pleasure. Further I will tell you rules and secrets of smoking of a hookah which will allow to increase as much as possible pleasure from process and minimum to do harm to your organism.
Secrets of simple focuses
Секреты простых фокусовProbably, more than once you were surprised to speeches of the illusionists forcing to disappear monuments, to fly subjects and to appear subjects from nowhere. Perhaps, you still had children's impression about the conjurer with a rabbit in an empty hat cylinder. And, of course, everyone who saw all above-mentioned, for certain would like to learn to do at least a small miracle!
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Due to three-dimensional optical illusion in Ames's room (thought up in 1946) the child in a near corner seems a giant to that costs in the distant. Actually a room form - a trapeze. The effect amplifies because of the distorted chess cage.