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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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How to wash spots from a grass
Как отстирать пятна от травыFor certain each hostess knows that spots from a grass one of the most hardly removed. The jeans smeared with juicy greens, shorts or a t-shirt will upset each of us. And, for example, having a rest outdoors, becomes not to fun at all – all thoughts are concentrated how to remove a spot. Do not hurry to throw out a thing or to write off in the category of house use.
How to bring pitch out of clothes
Как вывести смолу из одеждыIf you found a pitch spot on the clothes, do not despair, will tell how to bring pitch out of clothes and thus not to do much harm fabrics. For this purpose there are some easy ways.
How to choose a scarf
Как выбрать шарфThe scarf is a not only warm cozy thing at cold weather, winds and frosts. The scarf is an accessory which is capable both to decorate, and to spoil appearance of any person. The universal article of clothing approaches any style – classics, a retro, sports and others.
Swag style
Стиль swagSwag is quite young direction in youth fashion which by right it is possible to call a self-expression source for each his follower. However it is necessary to recognize that you will not call the relation to this style unambiguous, after all in spite of the fact that it has many admirers among young people of the whole world, designers treat it watchfully.
With what to carry moccasins
С чем носить мокасиныMoccasins – very practical and at the same time convenient footwear which is irreplaceable for daily socks. Exactly thanks to these qualities she deserved recognition, both at men, and at women. However, despite it, some people can have difficulties in drawing up a harmonious image with participation of moccasins, after all they can be combined not with all subjects of clothes.
Office clothes style for women
Офисная стиль одежды для женщинInterview remained behind and tomorrow for you already wait at office. The whole lots of clothes is touched, but the decision is not made. What to put on to look both beautiful, and stylish moreover that was and it is convenient? This question will be answered by Quite perhaps quickly and the main thing, without special expenses to pick up the correct office clothes.
Wedding fashion 2014
Свадебная мода 2014"It agrees!" - before to say this word, any girl marrying necessarily should become the real expert in the field of wedding fashion, to learn all subtleties of a wedding dress 2014, to learn the correct approach to formation of an image of the fantastic bride.
Fashionable bathing suits 2014
Модные купальники 2014The bathing suit in the opinion of the modern woman stopped being "special clothes for bathing and rest at a reservoir" for a long time. Now it is the certain symbol promoting identity manifestation, urged to submit, seduce and simply to give good mood to the owner. Therefore no wonder that with approach of a beach season each woman of fashion is anxious with a bathing suit choice.
Clothes in style a vintage
Одежда в стиле винтажSome time ago it was difficult to present that modern women will want not only to dress clothes which were fashionable many years ago, but also the huge sums of money will agree to pay for it. However the fashion is unpredictable and whimsical is an indisputable fact. And this time she presented to women new style under the name "vintage".
Style of a country in clothes
Стиль кантри в одеждеNow the fashion has very many various directions and styles. One of the most interesting and unusual is style of a country (western) which came to us from America. It is necessary to recognize that the attributes of style of a country are so effective that allows to finish an image by means of only one accessory sustained in this style.
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On a funeral of the best friend private Kevin Elliot, Barry Dileyni came to a dress. They had an arrangement who will die the first, second will come in such here clothes. The friend was lost in Afghanistan, during rocket attack.