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Cosmetics and perfumery

Councils for a choice of elite and medical cosmetics - lipstick, nail varnish, mascara, shampoo, sun-protection cream. Learn how it is correct to do a make-up and manicure.
Cosmetics and perfumery: all articles
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Use of oil of a tea tree
Применение масла чайного дереваToday in the market for health of that is only not present – miracle ointments and tablets, powders and drinks. But not always they are in actual fact really such surprising and useful as describe them in advertizing. And here essential oils are an indisputable well of advantage for all organism in general. Today I want to tell about oil of a tea tree.
Natural deodorant Freshness Crystal
Природный дезодорант Кристалл СвежестиIt is no secret that all of us sweat, one more, others – in smaller. For elimination of a smell of sweat producers also thought up a set of chemical deodorants – sprays, lotions, firm and ball forms. But there is also a natural liquidator of unpleasant consequences of a potovydeleniye – a smell and moisture. Also it is called – "The Freshness Crystal".
How to make liquid soap and shower gel
Как сделать жидкое мыло и гель для душаIt is not necessary to complain of an insufficient choice of means of hygiene presently. Gels and soap, shampoos and lotions which can be found on shelves of shops, will satisfy any whim. But I am convinced that the best means of hygiene – made the hands. Selecting components for production of gel or soap, you can consider features of your skin.
How to choose means for removal of a make-up
Как выбрать средство для снятия макияжаEach woman tries to look beautifully. To it the decorative cosmetics which allows to create a unique unique image comes to the help. But to be attractive, except a decor care of face skin and bodies is necessary. One of such means is means for removal of a make-up. Demakiyazh it has to be carried out correctly and by means of suitable means.
Use of cosmetic clay
Применение косметической глиныFor maintenance of beauty and youth of skin of the woman are ready to go on a lot of things. But sometimes the solution is much simpler, than it seems to us. Sometimes it is worth addressing to the means checked centuries and approved by millions of women. We will also talk about one of such means. Undoubtedly, all heard about such natural material as clay.
Use of essential oils
Применение эфирных маселEssential oils are the whole world of smells and aromas, with a wide range of impact on a human body. One aromas will help to relax, remove a stress. Others, on the contrary, can have the toning effect on an organism. And still it is the natural storeroom for beauty and health of your body. What oils and for what to use? We now will also talk about it.
How to choose the perfume
Как выбрать свой парфюмToday perfume is an obligatory component of a fine female image. That aroma corresponded to internal feeling, it is important to pick up it correctly. The perfume which is ideally suited for the woman is capable to work wonders: in its embraces you will always feel like the queen. On the contrary, even the smell slightly unpleasant to your sense of smell can spoil mood.
Natural means for care of skin
Натуральные средства для ухода за кожейWhen you ask the woman "What cosmetics better?", the first that you hear in reply: "Of course, natural and without preservatives!". Really, the most reasonable that is most useful for our skin – less foreign and alien by the nature, and also chemical inventions. What would we do if tomorrow all existing cosmetics did not become?
Production of house cosmetics (for fat and problem skin)
Изготовление домашней косметики (для жирной и проблемной кожи)What woman does not dream to possess fresh, clean and healthy skin? However for most of owners of fat and problem skin this dream quite often remains only dream. It would seem, the alternative to industrial cosmetics is not present. But necessary cosmetics which is capable to put fat and problem skin in order, it is possible to make and in house conditions.
How to make a natural make-up
Как сделать естественный макияжMake-up. One more terrestrial passion without which the modern woman does not represent the life. For day time of day the day type of a make-up is deemed appropriate. It differs in the lungs which are not hurting the eyes paints. Natural pastel shades and a so-called make-up without make-up – natural are preferable. Such make-up will suit any woman.
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