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Councils for a choice of fashionable accessories to clothes, stylish ladies' bags, jewelry, belts and sunglasses. Learn how not to be deceived upon purchase of jewelry and hours.
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How to choose a watch
Как выбрать наручные часыIt is difficult to imagine times when people to learn time, resorted to the help of difficult devices. A watch was and remains the most popular means of definition of exact time. That hours served you faithfully, remaining thus decoration of your wrist, at their choice it is necessary to consider some subtleties about which will tell
As what to choose a belt on a belt
Какой выбрать ремень на поясWide and narrow, soft and rigid, made of skin or of fabric, carrying out image or purely practical function. Summer and winter, spring and fall – each season for them a season. They can change the color, the size, a form, but they are not be irrelevant. All this about belts. What it is necessary to know before to go to buy a belt?
Jewelry as a gift to the woman
Ювелирные украшения в подарок женщинеWomen are created for this purpose, what to give them jewelry. But which to present and as it is correct to choose them, women all different, and we, men, can get confused in the huge choice. And you simply remember how women look at show-windows with jewelry! Here we will also choose such beautiful feature by it in this article.
We choose an umbrella
Выбираем зонтIt is quite topical issue, agree. The fall approaches, and we want to be protected from weather disorders reliably. One of the most necessary subjects during autumn bad weather for us is an umbrella. What it has to be? Color matters, but let's pay slightly more attention to other characteristics of an umbrella.
How to tie a tie
Как завязывать галстукThe tie in the modern world of business people is an integral part of man's clothes. For all history of existence there were about 85 ways of setting of a tie. Therefore give together with we will consider the most widespread and simple ways of setting of ties.
As it is correct to choose sunglasses
Как правильно выбрать солнцезащитные очкиWith approach of summer more and more actual is a question of acquisition of sunglasses. This small accessory can do not become simple for you protection against ultraviolet rays, but also give to your style eccentricity and refinement. And therefore it is better to choose points not at a counter where you are simply lost from their variety.
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