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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Treatment by shock and wave therapy
Лечение ударно-волновой терапиейThe shock wave – the powerful force, which energy is capable to have beneficial influence on a human body. The shock and wave method of treatment was mastered relatively recently. For the first time the medicine "bridled" force of invisible waves in the eighties of the last century. Today wave treatment is applied successfully in the sphere of orthopedics, traumatology, urology and cosmetology.
How to choose an aspirator for the newborn
Как выбрать аспиратор для новорождённогоThe mucous membrane covering the small nasal courses of the baby is very gentle. It is struck quite often by ubiquitous bacteria and viruses while the organism of the baby only just starts adapting in conditions, new to it. What to do if at the kid the nose is so put by pathogenic slime, what it is difficult for it to suck a mother's breast and to sleep? For similar situations it is useful to have a nasal aspirator in the first-aid kit.
First aid at a stroke
Первая помощь при инсультеThe stroke is extremely life-threatening phenomenon, and from that, how fast you will react and will give first aid, the further destiny of the victim will depend. Knowledge of first-aid treatment at a stroke will be useful not only if near you there live elderly people – perhaps, you will manage to save life of absolutely unfamiliar passerby on the street …
Sclerotherapy, treatment of varicosity and hemorrhoids
Склеротерапия, лечение варикоза и геморрояAbout 50% of the population of our planet are subject to varicosity. Today in many clinics use the painless and atravmatichny method allowing to struggle with the varicose illness affecting the lower extremities, and also hemorrhoids, called by sclerotherapy. suggests to understand: in what an essence of such manipulations as they are carried out, whether contraindications and side effects have.
Treatment of a syndrome of uneasy feet
Лечение синдрома беспокойных ногSyndrome of uneasy feet call violation of nervous system which is characterized by discomfort in feet in the form of burning, goosebumps, "twisting", an itch, feeling of a raspiraniye or squeezing. Because of what the person has a desire constantly to set them in motion. Recently this frustration began to meet quite often.
Application of salt bandages
Применение солевых повязокWithout this ingredient it is impossible to present any first and second course. Guessed? It will be a question of salt. It is widely used not only in cookery, but also in medicine. Its curative properties are long since known. By means of only two components – salts and waters, it is possible to get rid of pain and to cure many diseases.
How to take bazalny temperature
Как измерить базальную температуруMeasurement of the bazalny temperature (BT) is considered an easy way to define an ovulation. Thus the schedule of bazalny temperature covers in itself information on the processes happening in a female organism, its possible violations and diseases. It is considered that this method is an indicator of that, how seriously the woman treats the health.
Why the jaw clicks
Почему щелкает челюстьFrom time to time each person regardless of age can notice a jaw clicking during food. In most cases it does not bring special discomfort and occurs imperceptibly. But the clicking can sometimes be quite painful and unpleasant. In this case this symptom does not bear anything good and it can appear a signal of a mandibular disease.
Inoculation to children from flu
Прививка детям от гриппа With approach of fall before an office of seasonal immunization the whole turns are built. Every year becomes more increasing than persons interested to take root from flu. Whether it is necessary to impart children? Perhaps, the doctor will not be able to respond to this answer even. The inoculation – business voluntary therefore to solve, impart the child from flu or not, is necessary most.
Physiotherapy exercises
Лечебная физкультураIn certain cases the physiotherapy exercises are not less effective remedy of therapy of certain diseases, than medicines. The similar complex of physical exercises for brevity called by LFK is used for restoration of operation of the musculoskeletal device, the central nervous system, and also some internal.
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