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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Treatment of cystitis at pregnancy
Лечение цистита при беременностиCystitis – a serious urological disease which face both children, and adults. Most often the women staying in "interesting situation" suffer from this illness. Cystitis not only saddens the pleasant period in the woman's life, but also can significantly do much harm to health to future child.
Temperature increase at pregnancy
Повышение температуры при беременностиPregnancy for the woman is connected not only with happy expectation, but also with different fears and alarms. Especially when the organism suddenly starts working not as usually. Temperature during pregnancy – the phenomenon quite frequent, but is always a reason for concern.
Depression during pregnancy
Депрессия во время беременностиMany women for the unclear reasons test a depression during pregnancy. "How so? - future mothers think. – I wait for the baby, but thus I do not feel pleasure!". Similar thoughts provoke deterioration of a state, and as a result the depression grows in a geometrical progression. How to fight against it, and what causes depressive thoughts during such light period of life of the woman?
Treatment of a sinekhiya at girls
Лечение синехии у девочекSinekhiyami is called by unions between close located bodies or surfaces. These unions can be both congenital, and acquired. At girls such solderings often appear between small vulvar lips. Similar pathologies at girls usually arise over an entrance to the urethral channel that, naturally, disturbs a normal urination.
Rubella at pregnancy
Краснуха при беременностиYou the lucky if managed to have a rubella in the early childhood! The organism with ease will cope with the causative agent of a disease, a bacterium from a sort of togavirus. For adults, especially for women in situation, consequences of an illness can become fatal.
Than threatens obvity with an umbilical cord
Чем грозит обвитие пуповиной"Mummy, you only do not worry", - the crown phrase of most of doctors which conduct ultrasonic research of the pregnant woman. Better they so would not speak! Without having managed to rise from a couch, the woman already is in a condition of a stress and is not able to perceive information on an obvitiya an umbilical cord adequately.
Compression stockings for childbirth
Компрессионные чулки для родовRecently began popular to wear among future mummies stockings during pregnancy and to dress them on childbirth. Of course, we speak not about attractive lower lacy linen – hardly at midpoint of life future mother will be interested in appearance.
Treatment of pre-natal infections
Лечение внутриутробных инфекцийAs soon as the woman becomes pregnant, for nine months she should make many tests. Frequent campaigns in laboratory are necessary for health of the woman and her future child. After all the most terrible enemies for a fruit are pre-natal infections. recommends not to fall into despair and to examine in more detail types of pre-natal infections.
The HGCh level at pregnancy
Уровень ХГЧ при беременностиOn the early term of pregnancy when the woman can not know about the situation yet, the child in it already declares the presence by development of the certain substance in abbreviated form called by HGCh. That it represents and in what its features consist, we will try to understand this article.
Definition of pregnancy by means of iodine
Определение беременности с помощью йодаJumps of mood, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, desire at once to eat everything that there is in the refrigerator, an indisposition in the morning, and … a delay. Familiarly? In most cases the reason of such state – pregnancy.
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