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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Menu of a lean diet
Меню тощей диетыThe lean diet becomes more and more popular among dreaming of a slender body. She was thought up by the American nutritionists for at whom very big excess weight, but gradually at whom a few hated kilograms because the main thing, than it attracts are a good result for short term began to adhere to it even.
Dikul's diet
Диета ДикуляTo get rid of extra kilos is not the only problem of this diet. Valentin Dikul's technique will suit those people who want to become not simply harmonous more, and to tighten the muscles that the body became same elastic as in youth.
Margarita Koroleva's diet
Диета Маргариты КоролевойThe diet of this cheerful and vigorous woman won mass popularity. The famous nutritionist developed the unique diet based on fractional consumption of food. In the menu of a diet only natural products prevail.
How to grow thin in a month
Как похудеть за месяцYou should visit important action, and the favourite dress became a little? Time to work. Still there is in a stock the whole month to get rid of excess "tanks" and to enjoy a party.
Chocolate diet
Шоколадная диетаThe chocolate diet is considered quite specific and, according to her authors, well approaches under rate of life of the modern person. Duration of this diet makes 7 days. And authors of a diet say that notable results can be received after 3 days of a diet. So, with its help it is possible to grow thin for 3-4 kilograms. Whether so it? Let's try to understand.
Liyepaysky diet
Лиепайская диетаThis improbable diet completely destroys all stereotypes. The new diet – new approach and new results guarantees an osnovopolagatel of this method of disposal of extra kilos – Lev Hazan.
Potato diet
Картофельная диетаPotatoes contain considerable amount of vitamins and thus it is low-calorie. Thanks to it potatoes can be considered as very nutritious and useful product for our health. In particular vitamin C which is available in a root crop, is necessary for immunity, and potassium - is very important for normalization of work of a cardiac muscle.
Montinyak's diet
Диета МонтиньякаMontinyak's diet was developed by the famous French nutritionist Michel Montinyak. Michel himself had problems with an excess weight. Therefore he on the experience knows how it is difficult to get rid of hated extra kilos. Its scientific researches and own experience taught him that in food it is necessary to be afraid not of so excess calories, but bad food habits.
Grain for weight loss
Крупы для похуденияOf what the vast majority of women dreams? Of course, to grow thin and so that hunger it was not felt and thus not to lose health, and to correct, in addition to everything also to clear the organism of slags yes toxins. Here various croups which possess huge potential will come to the rescue not only to sate an organism, but also promote a zhiroszhiganiye and improvement of a metabolism.
Maya Plisetskaya's diet
Диета Майи ПлисецкойThis diet, perhaps, is one of the most categorical. It is impossible, it is impossible and once again it is impossible to eat much, often … And in general, to eat it is harmful much. So the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya considers.
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