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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of an iyersinioz
Лечение иерсиниозаIyersinioz is sharp intestinal infection, dangerous to the person, which carriers are animals. The illness is complicated by symptoms of intoxication and allergic reaction from what many internal and systems of an organism suffer. Inhabitants of regions with moderately humid climate get to group of the greatest risk.
What is mastotsitoz
Что такое мастоцитозAbout that such mastotsitoz, the person can learn, having only appeared on reception at the dermatologist with complaints to suspicious reddening of skin – it is impossible to call a disease widespread. Along with the name "mastotsitoz" in medical practice also other its designation – a tuchnokletochny leukosis meets.
How to treat the impetigo
Как лечить импетигоThe impetigo is an infectious skin disease, a kind of a streptodermiya. The illness caused by active activity of staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria affects an epidermis blanket.
Treatment of a gidradenit
Лечение гидраденитаBoughs an udder - so the commonalty once nicknamed an infectious inflammatory disease of apokrinny sweat glands in an axillary hollow. The official medicine gave a disease more noble name – gidradenit.
Otrubevidny depriving treatment
Лечение отрубевидного лишаяOtrubevidny (color) deprive – a skin disease which activators are fungal microorganisms of Malassezia family. Pretty often the illness meets where people are compelled to adapt to a hot and arid climate. However from a misfortune anybody is not insured: to 10% of residents of the countries with moderate and continental climate faces this disease.
Treatment of thrombophlebitis
Лечение тромбофлебитаThrombophlebitis – a widespread illness which many people around the world face. This disease dangerously not so much the manifestation, how many consequences which involves. That such thrombophlebitis and as to treat it, you learn in this article.
Treatment of epilepsy folk remedies
Лечение эпилепсии народными средствамиHaving heard the diagnosis "epilepsy", many make incorrect opinion on the patient. Really, this illness imposes certain restrictions for work, studies, rest and life in society. Despite all inconveniences, many live with epilepsy all life, but it does not mean at all that with it it is necessary to reconcile.
Symptoms and treatment of diphtheria
Симптомы и лечение дифтерииThe diphtheritic stick causes one of the most dangerous bacterial infections. Owing to a disease of diphtheria the inflammation of the top airways accompanied with hypostasis develops. Thus the greatest danger is constituted by defeat of an organism ekzotoksiny, a serious poisoning with which can be the cause of a deadly outcome.
Treatment of an anthrax
Лечение карбункулаWhen skin and hypodermic fabric round several hair bulbs and sebaceous glands is surprised sharp inflammatory process, the abscess framed with a pink border is formed. This painful and not esthetic skin defect is called an anthrax. How to fight against it?
Divertikulyoz of a thick gut
Дивертикулёз толстой кишкиFor the last hundred years the number of people for whom digestive tract diseases were diagnosed increased. Among these pathologies not only gastritis, ulcer processes, but also divertikulyoz about which existence many even do not suspect. And meanwhile in a wall of a gut the protrusions of a meshkovidny look called by physicians diverticulums are gradually formed.
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