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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to teach the child to go
Как научить ребенка ходитьParents should recognize – in development of the kid on the first year of life there is a global break. The kid from the toddler turns in a walker. And there are many questions. Today suggests to have a talk how to help the child to master foot science and also how in time to distinguish problems if those arise.
How to teach the child to tell a letter "P"
Как научить ребенка говорить букву «Р»Your child was four years old, and he still does not utter all letters? You are perplexed "As so, my child the best, the cleverest, and the letter "r" cannot tell". How to be? will share with you as easily and quickly to teach the kid to tell the letter "r".
We learn to choose a schoolbag
Учимся выбирать школьный ранецAt a schoolbag choice we are guided by beauty, convenience and reasonable price. It is important to choose a strong schoolbag that it sustained at least one academic year because school students can ride it from a hill, fill it chock-full, throw with scope on a floor and so on – the children's imagination of a limit is not present.
Storage of breast milk
Хранение грудного молокаBreast milk is the most valuable food product for your newborn baby. Today young mothers try to nurse the child as it is possible are more long also many specialists in breastfeeding advise.
Pillow for feeding
Подушка для кормленияSo, the important and long-awaited event occurred – you hold on hands small warm and gentle creation – the been born kid! Behind months of expectations, disorders, experiences. Now other efforts – care of the newborn, his feeding, bathing, lullabies, walks in the fresh air are coming.
Bed linen for newborns
Постельное бельё для новорожденныхIn a family with excitement wait for a joyful event – soon the new little man will come to this world. And on the eve of a big event at future young parents and close relatives the set of pleasant efforts increases: it is necessary to decide on a choice of maternity hospital, to put the dwelling in order, to be prepared for appearance of the baby …
Purchase of children's winter clothes
Покупка детской зимней одеждыTimes when you come into children's shop, and there such variety of bright, beautiful things came! And after all each mother wants that her darling and the desired child was dressed elegantly and felt surely and comfortably.
We learn yellow color with the child
Учим желтый цвет с ребенкомThe world surrounding the kid very bright and colourful, your the baby distinguishes colors and shades, but does not know yet that the sun – yellow, a grass – green, and the sky – blue. Time came to teach the child to call of color and to recognize them.
Children's fairy tales, their role in education
Детские сказки, их роль в воспитанииAll parents having children preschool children know how children love fairy tales. Parents fly into a rage, reading for the 100-th time the same fairy tale which the child knows by heart. Thus the admission of a piece of the text causes the indignant shouts of the child: "Mother, and you passed as the Little Mermaid saw the prince!".
The whimsical child what to do?
Капризный ребенок, что делать?Each parent knows that any, even the quietest and obedient child can be capricious, zanyt, turn obstinate and spoil mood to all people around. Readers of know that there are children who born "kaprizul", and with them are rather afraid to remain the even most loving grandmothers, and kindergarten teachers consider them as a real handful.
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