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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
Make itself: all articles
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Playground at dacha
Детская площадка на дачеHow the playground will look? What designs will be established? These issues need to be resolved taking into account age and preferences of little summer residents on the one hand, and to coordinate with the family budget with another. Anyway process of creation of a playground – fascinating and creative occupation for all family.
Tack for hot the hands
Прихватка для горячего своими рукамиToday each hostess wishes to see only beautiful furniture and beautiful things in the kitchen. And if to make furniture and repair independently not easy, to create the beautiful and convenient assistant on the kitchen from rags and a piece of batting each modern girl will be able. We speak about a tack for the hot. It is simple to make it, and result of work always the excellent.
Toy from pompons the hands
Игрушка из помпонов своими рукамиWhat it is most important for the child? Of course, parental attention and communication. One of the elementary ways – to execute a hand-made article together with the child. Work from threads perfectly will be suitable for development of a small motility. For example, performance of a toy from pompons. Of course, independently the child will not cope with this task, the adult has to help it.
How to sew pickups for curtains
Как сшить подхваты для шторPickups are elements of design of a window which create the smart or modest, but finished type of curtains, help to hold them in the necessary situation. I will tell how to make classical option of this necessary element in a window interior. Our pickups will be bilateral, their coloring can be changed, overturning, depending on weather or morning mood.
The artificial made old tree the hands
Искусственное состаренное дерево своими рукамиHow to achieve an absolute exclusivity of the interior? It is worth remembering "the tree which is well forgotten old". The tree – since ancient times is universal construction and finishing material. But there is a question: "And what in it such exclusive?". Answer: we will give uniqueness to a tree, having armed thus with our imagination, desire and a minimum of tools.
Work with polymeric clay
Работа с полимерной глинойRecently the great popularity and demand was acquired by the products handmade that in translation from English means – needlework, or the hands. The choice of goods for creativity is huge for today, and everyone can be engaged in that to it is more to liking. Personally I, having taken somehow in hand polymeric clay, could not leave it, and I want to tell about it.
How to decorate a frame for photos
Как украсить рамку для фотографийThere are cases when it is necessary to present simply beautiful, not too expensive, graceful and functional gift. Then there are some experiments – both the habitual and bothered to all souvenirs will be able to get forms, unexpectedly new to themselves and paints. The most functional and popular from such gifts – a framework for a photo. It is possible to buy a basis and to decorate it independently.
Desk lamp the hands
Настольная лампа своими рукамиHaving once again tempted on a bright label, we buy a vase absolutely unnecessary us or a candlestick. Already then we find out that similar things are in apartments of friends, and so there is a wish that your interior resembled not others. And here sharpness and skillful hands come to the rescue. In this article I will tell how to make an original desk lamp.
How to learn to knit on spokes
Как научиться вязать на спицахOne of the most widespread ways of hand knitting is knitting on spokes. To learn, it is rather a little patience, attentiveness, spokes and a yarn. All principle of knitting on spokes is based on formation of new loops and their interlacing. In all process of knitting only one working thread is used.
How to make a decorative board the hands
Как сделать декоративную доску своими рукамиMother or the best friend have a birthday, and you want to present to the person dear to you something original, with all the heart? Or it is banal there is no money for expensive gift? I offer an interesting way out – issue the hands a decorative chopping board. Such gift will decorate any kitchen, besides it is practical, – on the one hand on a board it is possible to cut any products.
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