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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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How to choose a qualitative siding: about Docke, a relief and shades
Как выбрать качественный сайдинг: о Docke, рельефе и оттенкахIf on a site there are a lot of inhabited and economic constructions built at different times and from different materials, facing of walls in the general style and color will turn them into a uniform complex, beautifully and harmoniously fitting into a landscape. It is necessary only to choose material for such restoration. One of options most actual today — is a vinyl siding.
How to choose wrought-iron fences and gate: the instruction from the Master Company company
Как выбрать кованые заборы и ворота: инструкция от компании Master CompanyBefore to see an interior of the house and even it is simple to consider its architecture, guests will pay attention on … a fence. It is possible for this reason today among owners of country sites wrought-iron fences and gate which are recognized as the most esthetic option of a fencing for a long time are so actual. A reverse side of such popularity — complexity with a choice among the huge range.
We choose garage gate: councils of experts
Выбираем гаражные ворота: советы экспертовThe industry lets out tens of thousands of vorotny systems of various types and designs. It is quite difficult to the person who is not devoted in nuances to orient in this variety and to make a right choice. Especially for the online magazine experts prepared the short guide to vorotny production.
How to choose a plinth
Как выбрать плинтусThe plinth is one of the main finishing elements under repair of any room, both inhabited, and office. Installation of a plinth happens when all finishing works are already complete, that is, walls are pasted over or painted, the parquet or other floor covering is laid. At this stage it is important to find out, what types of a plinth happen of what are made.
Accessories choice for interroom doors
Выбор фурнитуры для межкомнатных дверейRepair comes to an end, "dirty" works are finished, and we face the gaping doorways which as soon as possible should be "closed". Came it is time to establish interroom doors. With a choice of doors all and everything is more or less clear. Our door has to "hang" on something and to be locked by "something" and if to speak technically competently, it is necessary to choose door accessories.
Heat and cosiness of wooden houses
Тепло и уют деревянных домовToday it is considered the most demanded construction of houses from a natural tree. First, for construction of the wooden house expensive construction materials are not required, and construction happens in the shortest possible time without attraction of heavy construction equipment. One more plus is that the wooden house has very favorable microclimate.
Warming and finishing of a penthouse the hands
Утепление и отделка мансарды своими рукамиIn private houses of a penthouse most often play a closet role. But after all the penthouse is a quite good way to increase living space. For example, to receive one more bedroom or an office. How to combine both that, and another within one room? By means of planning which will allow to use distinctive architectural features of a penthouse most functionally.
Independent laying of a tile in a bathroom
Самостоятельная укладка кафеля в ваннойLaying of a tile – process long and scrupulous. Probably, therefore masters usually take for the work so much, how much is a tile. And how to be when "excess" money is not present? The tile can be put and with own hand, it is important to know some details about which it is told in article. I hope, my short management with step-by-step photos is useful to many readers.
How to be prepared for metalwork and joiner's works
Как подготовиться к слесарным и столярным работамFor many it did not become simple hobby today, but need and means of livelihood to be engaged in joiner's and metalwork works in house conditions. On what first of all any master wishing to work in the garage or a house workshop has to reflect? Naturally, about the equipment of a functional and comfortable workplace.
Restoration of a parquet the hands
Реставрация паркета своими рукамиGood parquet now big luxury. And after all many still had parquet "in inheritance" from the Soviet past. And to throw out, as they say it is a pity, and it is a shame to leave. For many years the parquet wore out, in places squeaks, its surface was scratched by furniture legs. What to do? I hurry to share with readers invaluable experience of restoration of an old parquet.
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