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Councils for a choice of furniture for the house and office. In the section there is a useful information about cases, sofas, tables and chairs of different function, and also about beds and many other things.
Furniture: all articles
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Where to buy Belarusian cuisines from ZOV factory in Moscow
Где купить белорусские кухни от фабрики «ЗОВ» в МосквеThe Belarusian furniture factories which are engaged in production of kitchens are not so numerous: "Pinskdrev", furniture factory "Neman" and "Lagoon", Beldrev company, ZOV factory. Thus quality of kitchens from Belarus corresponds to the European level. All above factories are presented in the territory of Russia, but the manufactory "CALL" was strongly fixed in quality of the leader.
Choice of kitchen to order
Выбор кухни на заказFor anybody not a secret that the kitchen is one of the main places in each house, especially for the good hostess. After all good day begins with a tasty breakfast. What to speak about mood of the hostess who so often and long should spend the time in kitchen? With mood it will have everything in a full order if it is correct to organize a workplace in kitchen.
As it is correct to look after bed linen
Как правильно ухаживать за постельным бельемDream – an integral part of our life. Where we were, than were engaged, the dream will always overtake us and will force to obey his ox. Quality of a dream is influenced by a lot of things: both convenience of a bed, and mattress, and air temperature, etc. Besides, an important role plays bed linen and its quality. Here we will also talk about bed linen and about care of it.
How to choose a crib
Как выбрать детскую кроваткуCrib choice – very important point: in it the baby will spend, at least, two years. From that, the bed is how correctly chosen, depends quite often and safety of the child. Choosing a bed to the daughter, I saw many copies. Today I will tell you as it is correct to choose a crib and accessories to it.
Bed for the sleeping room: how to make a right choice?
Кровать для спальной комнаты: как сделать верный выбор?On statistical data in a dream of people carries out nearly a third of all the life, and it means what exactly the bed is the most demanded and visited place within a day. Considering this fact, it is worth paying special attention to that the bed in your bedroom conformed to your requirements and the highest quality standards.
Choice of a bedding set
Выбор комплекта постельного бельяDream – an integral part of our life. In a dream the organism has a rest and is restored, we grow thin, aging processes are slowed down. The good dream depends on many factors: microclimate indoors, color registration, "correct" bed linen. It is simply to choose a coloring and the size of bed linen, but whether often we reflect on importance of fabric for a bedding set?
Mattress choice
Выбор матрасаLong ago passed those times when good mattresses were a rarity, and more than a half of residents of the country did not reflect at all on what they sleep. In the modern world the choice of models is so wide that is very difficult to decide on purchase. What mattresses are presented in the market of the former Soviet Union? Let's understand slightly better.
We choose an electroblanket or a thermoblanket
Выбираем электроодеяло или термоодеялоThe problem of drying and heating of a bed in crude and frosty days becomes actual with approach of a summer season and with arrival of frosts. Electric mattresses and electroblankets can perfectly cope with an objective. These wonderful assistants within 30-60 minutes will dry and will warm a bed, promoting a comfortable dream at all seasons of the year.
Cabinet furniture to order
Корпусная мебель на заказThe individual approach to each client became the basic principle of work of many furniture companies. The maximum use of the available space and that functional loading which is required to you – here the main attributes of custom-made furniture. It is necessary only to choose design, to understand how the furniture will look in your interior.
How to pick up furniture for kitchen
Как подобрать мебель для кухниThose times when the range of furniture stores killed on a root of desire of hostesses – standard kitchen fonts, the standard sizes and poor color range sank into oblivion. Now your imagination is not limited at all and, having made the decision on change of kitchen furniture, you simply do not know with what to begin. This article for you.
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