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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Useful properties of elder
Полезные свойства бузиныSurprising properties of elder were known still to our far ancestors, the certificate to that are ancient legends and fairy tales. From them elder appeared in the most part as the wonderful berry prolonging life for many years. Whether so it actually and what useful properties are covered in elder besides the recipe of eternal life, we will tell in this article.
Advantage of milk
Польза молокаSome more tens years ago anybody would not doubt advantage of milk. But today the world community conducts many disputes in this respect, claiming that its merits are strongly exaggerated. However in one scientists meet: if to know some rules and to adhere to them, it is possible "to squeeze out" an advantage maximum of milk.
How to prepare mashed potatoes
Как приготовить картофельное пюреIt would seem, will be able to prepare mashed potatoes everyone, even the senior. But not always mashed potatoes turn out tasty and air. If you among those who wishes to learn more about potatoes and to prepare unusually tasty mashed potatoes - be not too lazy and study our recommendations.
Useful properties of a Brazil nut
Полезные свойства бразильского орехаThe Brazil nut is known around the world as one of the most tasty and useful representatives of the look, however in Russia very few people are familiar with this plant. In local supermarkets on counters with exotic fruit it is often possible to welcome the Brazilian guest, but the price sets thinking at once.
Recipe falafelya
Рецепт фалафеляThe fashion on healthy food captured literally the whole world, having reached even the Russian roadside snack bars and shops of fast food. And today one of the most popular "healthy" dishes is falafel.
Advantage of bran
Польза отрубейThat they are important for health of an organism – an incontestable fact is difficult to call bran nutritious or nourishing, but. Every day appears more and more "educated", a good judge of healthy food and seeking to find a slim figure.
The products supporting squirrels
Продукты, содержащие белокA few years ago proteinaceous diets made the real splash. Today "fast" weight loss gradually fades into the background, and it is succeeded by healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Both all nutritionists, and doctors of the world say how it is important to eat protein daily.
Useful properties of a coriander
Полезные свойства кориандраCoriander – quite popular seasoning which many of us use in preparation of dishes. But not everyone knows that besides excellent tastes, this spice possesses a huge number of useful properties about which we also will talk in this article.
How to starch a napkin
Как накрахмалить салфеткуAny holiday does not do without solemn table. And each hostess wants that it was issued top-level. And, above all the place when laying is allocated for napkins which can be put in both the usual, and not traditional way. But before decorating a table, first of all they need to be prepared – to starch. How to make it in house conditions, having spent a minimum of forces and time?
How to fry the capelin
Как жарить мойвуMost of hostesses reluctantly undertake preparation of the capelin. The fried capelin very tasty and to prepare her will not make big work, and here a specific smell with which the powerful extract cannot cope even, is capable to extend on all apartment.
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