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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Maintenance of dogs of breed of a Welsh Corgi
Содержание собак породы вельш-коргиWelsh Corgi – an ancient shepherd's dog, one of the smallest kinds of sheep-dogs. Today representatives of this breed enjoy wide popularity – even more often short-legged amusing kids with fox muzzles can be seen not only at large exhibitions, but also on walks in city parks.
Description of breed spaniel
Описание породы спаниельSpaniels are one of the breeds of dog, most known and popular in the world. These doggies of small growth in itself, but possess mad charisma. The look of a spaniel cannot simply be forgotten, after all these amusing kids look to you directly in soul – at least, fans of this breed quite so claim!
Maintenance of the Tibetan mastiff
Содержание тибетского мастифаThe Tibetan mastiff is the quite rare breed of dog shrouded in a legend. It is still precisely not known who was the ancestor of this huge and mighty animal. There is a mythical assumption that the lion, here supposedly from where a mane, but, certainly, it only the ancient legend was one of parents.
The largest breeds of dog
Самые крупные породы собакToday in the world there are more than four hundred breeds of dog. Conditionally they can be divided by the size and weight on dwarfish, small, average, large and huge are those breeds of dog, whose growth in withers exceeds 65 cm, and weight sometimes reaches from 50 to 100 kg.
Diseases of polecats, symptoms and treatment
Болезни хорьков, симптомы и лечениеToday in city apartments and houses even more often there is a new domestic pet - brisk and incredibly charming polecat. This tiny predator it becomes easy the full member of a family, after all to resist to his charisma and sociability it is impossible.
Description of breed of a basenji
Описание породы басенджиElegant and aristocratic the basenji is the most unique dog in the world. And as differently, after all these small and graceful doggies are able to growl, peep, squeal, howl, to giggle and even to crow, but only not to bark! This most ancient breed of dog is very clever and bright. Despite external fragility, a basenji are beautiful hunting dogs.
Maintenance of a dalmatian
Содержание далматинцаDalmatian (or the Dalmatian) – one of the most known and bright breeds of dog. Thanks to the unique color to confuse a dalmatian with representatives of other breed it is simply unreal. Popularity to these dogs was brought by the well-known Disney's animated film, and then and the feature feature film.
Features of breed pug
Особенности породы мопсProbably, in the world there is no such person who will be left indifferent by the amusing goggle-eyed kid of breed a pug. These dogs are simply created for life in the big city as their most favourite occupations – to roll on a sofa together with the owner. Certainly, a pug not against walks, but active physical activities are contraindicated to these good-natured fatties.
Description of breed toy terrier
Описание породы той-терьерToy terriers are the unusual doggies similar to fantastic elves. For them long thin legs, huge ears and expressive eyes are characteristic – quite often this breed of dog compare to some alien being. In principle, it near truth because owners toyev assure – their pets not of a dog at all, they is much cleverer than the colleagues, and at times and some people.
Description of breed of a sheltie
Описание породы шелтиShelties often perceive as a dwarfish collie though actually, it is made different breeds of dog. The sheltie or as the full name of breed – "a Shetland sheep-dog" sounds, is absolutely independent breed, besides it is considered that laykoobrazny Gronlandshunds were ancestors of these fluffy doggies that does not make related them with a collie at all.
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