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Interior design

Councils and original design decisions on registration of your apartment. Beautiful curtains and blinds, false and stretch ceilings will decorate and will add feeling of a cosiness to your house.
Interior design: all articles
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How to create a cosiness in the house
Как создать уют в домеLong since the keeper of the center and cosiness is the woman. It is considered what exactly the feminine has all necessary qualities for ideal connection of flowers, smells, heat and light in the house. And this is true.
How to choose curtains in a nursery
Как выбрать шторы в детскую комнатуEach loving parent by all means wants that the room for the child was unique, unique, fantastic and cozy. And if repair is already close to end, or you at last became owners of the long-awaited, well-planned apartment, it is worth thinking over carefully all components of the children's dwelling, to miss and to pick up nothing everything so that in the room the comfort and harmony reigned.
Rainbow of color: we add bright paints to an interior
Радуга цвета: добавляем в интерьер яркие краскиFor implementation of the creative plans in alteration of own housing we often rely on traditional representation how this or that room has to look. It "I" prevent us to expand borders own and to present other picture: colourful and unusually cheerful. Let's try to add to our house of color and we will look that from this it will turn out.
Comfortable small bathroom, myth or reality?
Комфортная маленькая ванная, миф или реальность?The bathroom and situation in it are very important. After all in a bathroom we finally wake up in the morning, and exactly there we carry out the last preparations for a dream in the evening. About a beautiful bathroom, as well as about wardrobe, practically each girl dreams. But what to do to owners of modest "Khruschev's" bathrooms?
The European chic in an interior: dream or reality?
Европейский шик в интерьере: мечта или реальность?How often you have a desire to change something in the life? To fill it with the new paints, pleasant feelings exciting with meetings? The come summer season is an excellent opportunity to introduce novelty in world around, namely to make that space in which we live even more comfortable and harmonious.
How to equip a balcony
Как обустроить балконNow balconies of our apartments considerably added in sizes. If before its mission there was a storage of skis, sledge and cans with a pickles, modern constructions allow to operate a balcony not as the storeroom, and as the small room. At the correct use of space each square meter of the apartment will be functional.
How to decorate the apartment with translucent stained-glass windows
Как украсить квартиру светопрозрачными витражамиHaving heard about art stained-glass windows, many at once remember the museums and Gothic cathedrals, however color glass can decorate not only high lancet windows of churches, but also modern apartments. The effective translucent stained-glass windows combining a set of shades and invoices in the difficult ornament give to an interior special warmth and emotionality.
How to create an interior in style the loft: light box, vintage, steel and other secrets
Как создать интерьер в стиле лофт: световые короба, винтаж, сталь и другие секретыIf several years ago about style the loft was heard only by the advanced designers and architects, today it wins universal recognition. The loft — is the dynamic and fresh, disposing to creativity atmosphere. This style is ideally suited and for the former communal flats, and for big apartments with unsuccessful planning where it is possible to clean part of internal partitions.
The organization wardrobe in the apartment
Организация гардеробной в квартиреFor the wardrobe the certain room, even the absolutely small can be taken away. Remarkable option for owners of storerooms. All the rest should not fall apart. To equip in the room a zone for wardrobe is not only opportunity to improve living conditions, but also to brag of fashionable interior zoning. Here we will also begin with it.
Arrangement of the small apartment
Обустройство маленькой квартирыApartments with an unenviable area on the massif – a frequent problem of the majority of the cities of the former Soviet Union. The most part of the population of any city lives in such apartments, and each inhabitant daily faces a narrowness problem: there is a lot of things, and the person has no place to be developed. It is time to change something.
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