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Currency market

Councils for participants of the currency markets, including Forex, and not only. About strategy of management of monetary assets how to earn on a currency exchange who such traders - you learn from this section.
Currency market: all articles
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Levels of correction of Fibonacci
Уровни коррекции ФибоначчиOne of important tools of the technical analysis are technological levels. This certain value of the price which at approach of a course to it will be an obstacle for further advance. Graphically it looks as area where the price approached, and further the price on graphics rolled away, then approached once again and again could not overcome resistance.
Analysis of Japanese candles
Анализ японских свечейOne of the most interesting and poetic types of forecasting on Forex are Japanese candles. It at the same time both analysis method, and type of the schedule. Intrigue already names of figures – morning and evening stars, a gleam in clouds, two flown-up crows, or, a little frighteningly, hung up. Thus Japanese candles yield remarkable results.
The computer analysis on Forex
Компьютерный анализ на ФорексеThe trader when makes the decision on opening of a trade position, always tries to find as much as possible the confirming factors. When you are more sure of the actions – if you see one signal or collected a little? The more confirmations, the your transaction is less risky. And for the trader there is an option of finding of such helps – the computer analysis.
The fundamental analysis in the market Forex (Forex)
Фундаментальный анализ на рынке Форекс (Forex)The people working at Forex are called traders and they act with speculative motives. If we knew that in 3 days of euro will become 2% more expensive, we could buy now it, and in 3 days to sell, and to earn to itself these 2% of a gain of the price. That to carry out it, the trader uses various methods of the analysis to predict change of exchange rates.
Strategy of "4MA" for work on Forex (Forex)
Стратегия «4МА» для работы на Форексе (Forex)It is the last article from a series of articles about the international currency market Forex on In it I want to offer the reader quite simple, but at the same time rather effective trade strategy for work on Forex.
Management of the capital in the market Forex (Forex)
Управление капиталом на рынке Форекс (Forex)Work with open positions in the market Forex it is possible and even it is necessary to automate partially. For this purpose in trade warrants of "Stop loss" and "Take profit" are used. It is possible to translate these concepts as "To stop losses" and "To take profit". Though in Russian often and speak: "Stop loss" and "Teyk profit". These concepts are closely connected with science about management of the capital.
Trade in the market Forex (Forex)
Торговля на рынке Форекс (Forex)Well here time in practice to test that such trade in the market Forex also came. On you learn from this article, in what currencies it is possible to trade on Forex that such currency pairs what transactions happen, and, at last, learn the transactions mechanism.
Technical analysis of the market Forex (Forex)
Технический анализ рынка Форекс (Forex)As I also promised, in this article we will closer get acquainted with the technical analysis of the financial markets. To crown it all told about the technical analysis in last article, I will tell that, roughly speaking, the technical analysis is an analysis of price charts (read – exchange rates).
How to speculate on the Forex (Forex) Stock Exchange
Как играть на бирже Форекс (Forex)Let's consider some aspects of work on Forex in more detail. In particular we will study operation of the mechanism called "a credit shoulder", we will get acquainted with bases of the technical and fundamental analysis.
Market Forex (Forex)
Рынок Форекс (Forex)For certain many of you already something heard Forex about the international currency market, in any case, traveling on Internet open spaces, saw the banners inviting to join number of dealers in this currency market.
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