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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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Calculation of the property tax of the organizations
Расчет налога на имущество организацийThe property tax of the organizations is a regional tax, and it means that tax rates are established by regional regulations in the limits regulated by the Tax code of the Russian Federation.
How to take the credit to the unemployed
Как взять кредит безработномуIn life of each person there are situations when the unlimited sum of money is very quickly necessary. All therefore sooner or later all of us come to bank behind the credit have wealthy friends not. The bank understands that you can be officially jobless, and informally have very even not the bad income. To lose similar opportunity to earn the bank does not wish.
How quickly to sell goods?
Как быстро продать товар?How quickly to sell goods? This question torments mankind since then as in society in the address there was money. On what only shifts did not go businessmen as soon as possible to get off the hands the next consignment of goods. All the matter is that the economy of the market is based on a formula in which the speed of a turn is much more important, than a trade margin.
Registration of results of inventory
Оформление результатов инвентаризацииEach organization faces inventory. As a rule, inventory is carried out by own forces for establishment of compliance between registration and actual quantity of inventory items or money. The registration quantity of inventory items appears as a result of standard reports.
The reporting in the Pension fund by new rules
Отчетность в Пенсионный фонд по новым правиламThe reporting in the Pension Fund is given quarterly no later than the 15th day of the second month following the reporting period. That is the reporting in the Pension fund in 1 quarter is given no later than May 15, for the 2nd quarter – on August 15, for the 3rd quarter – on November 15. In 2013 the following forms are a part of the reporting for the Pension fund: RSV-1, SZV 6-4, ADV 6-5, ADV 6-2. 2
Order of updating of the software product 1C: Accounts department
Порядок обновления программного продукта 1С: БухгалтерияUpdating of software products on a platform 1C represents process with strictly certain operations procedure. Process of updating of software products 1C on a platform 7.7 is simple, but contains many stages, omission though of which updating correctly will not allow to carry out one. However the technology of updating for platforms 8.2 differs.
Trust management
Доверительное управление Where and how to place the money is very important question for any person for whom they are available. To bear the money for the deposit in bank today it is already not so actual. In such conditions people start looking for alternative options of an investment of money. One of such options - trust management.
Market capacity assessment
Оценка емкости рынкаMarket capacity represents the important criterion showing a condition of demand for this or that production. Many leading companies periodically determine market capacity to receive the leading positions. Trade enterprises use this parameter for increase in sales volume, and the production organizations – for optimization of the plan of production.
Order of opening of the account for SP
Порядок открытия счета для ИПBefore starting directly procedure of opening of the account, follow to carry out a peculiar monitoring of banking services, namely to choose bank in which it will be served conveniently and favourably. Cost parameters of the commissions and other payments have to be the most economic, and work of consulting services to differ in efficiency.
Accounting policies of the organization
Учетная политика организацииThe accounting policies start working since January 1 the year following after a year of her statement. The statement of accounting policies is approved by the order of the head of the organization, and its formation is assigned to the chief accountant or the other person responsible for conducting accounting.
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