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To the motorist

Useful tips, both for the beginning motorists, and for skilled drivers. Articles of the section will help upon purchase of auto accessories, will tell about driving of a car, how to watch it and so forth things.
To the motorist: all articles
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Pluses and minuses of installation of gas on a car
Плюсы и минусы установки газа на автоThere is a set of ways to save fuel. No, be not frightened or do not rejoice, at us hydrogen, alcohol or electricity is not used yet, but gas mix of propane and butane is already for a long time used, and recently gains distribution also natural gas – methane. Here also let's deal with gasification of vehicle fleet of the country.
Polishing of a body of the car
Полировка кузова автомобиляPolishing of a body of the car is not only giving to the car of excellent appearance, but also elimination of microcracks, scratches, removal of the smallest roughnesses of a covering and protection of a covering it external factors. Period of validity of polishing will depend on many factors, but about 6 months on average will last.
Useful tips to the beginning drivers
Полезные советы начинающим водителямAt last there were behind examinations in driving school and a disturbing trip with the inspector of traffic police. The brand new car waits for you near the house and invitingly blinks headlights, inviting in a trip. The head is full theoretical knowledge about rendering medical aid at road accident, and heart is flooded with determination to go to the first independent trip.
Prearranged signals among drivers
Условные сигналы среди водителейYou take the wheel of the new car and rush on the highway. Suddenly the driver passing by gave a signal to you twice, that goes behind, turned on a driving beam of headlights. What occurs? Without panic. gives the detailed instruction on the alarm alphabet for the beginning motorists.
How to protect the car from stealing
Как защитить автомобиль от угонаAccording to statistical data in the world each 10 seconds steal on the car. And any car can be stolen. That your iron horse did not appear in others hands, read this article from Here you learn how hijack cars and when, and also about merits and demerits of anticreeping systems.
With what tuning begins
С чего начинается тюнингEach happy owner of the four-wheel friend reflects sooner or later how to improve these or those characteristics of the car. In total there are three main options of tuning – a styling, technical tuning and tuning musical. In this article will consider each of them.
Toning of the car: from a choice to a sticker
Тонировка автомобиля: от выбора до наклейкиToday the Russian market is filled with various tonirovochny films from China, Korea and Malaysia. The price of these products 200 rubles do not go beyond. But to glue these semi-handicraft films on glasses of the car I did not advise you. decided that once again to tell about tonings of glasses of a favourite car, it will be extremely useful.
Choice of color of the car
Выбор цвета автомобиляAt the time of total deficiency, not so far, but already sunk into oblivion, the car, contrary to Ostap Bender's words, was more luxury, than a vehicle. But now times changed, and upon purchase of the car the buyer is guided not only his brand, technical characteristics, but also color.
Than to be engaged in traffic jams
Чем заняться в пробкахPeople did not manage to forget about turns of the period of socialism as other turns – about the traffic light succeeded, before narrow congress about routes, turn because of road accident. Yes, the speech about traffic jams. Alas, as kalamburno it does not sound, but traffic jams densely entered life of the modern inhabitant of the megalopolis.
How to reduce fuel consumption, we learn to save
Как уменьшить расход топлива, учимся экономитьIt is possible to reduce fuel consumption. And thus, even without resorting to any sophisticated methods. Long ago it is noticed that when different drivers use the same car, various fuel consumption as a result turns out. Therefore, fuel consumption depends not only on a make of the car, but also on many other factors.
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