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Councils and useful information from what it is better to download programs for your computer, a PDA or mobile. Read reviews of interesting software for work with video, music, the Internet in this section.
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How to make a screen screenshot
Как сделать скриншот экранаToday digital technologies everything get into our life more deeply. Often live communication is replaced with the electronic. Quite often in business or personal contact on the Internet we should do a picture of our screen and to send to the interlocutor. Whether it be results dough online, a picture from game or a text fragment in the editor who it is necessary to send as a picture.
Processing of photos in Adobe Photoshop
Обработка фотографий в Adobe PhotoshopHere you finished shooting the digital camera a photographic material, and on it it is possible to consider photoprocess complete. It, of course, so, but can always be people who will want to prolong pleasure and to make the pictures a little more better. Right there it will be a question how to correct small, but unpleasant defects in technical quality of pictures.
How to avoid failures in work of Windows
Как избежать сбоев в работе WindowsSooner or later any user faces a software problem. Its computer starts braking, giving out unclear mistakes, and sooner or later will not be started in general, having issued thus a lot of unclear text on the black or blue screen. Both the novice user, and quite skilled can face such problem.
The review of programs and services for reading RSS
Обзор программ и сервисов для чтения RSSIf you often work or have a rest on the Internet, serfit open spaces of worldwide network or simply read news – you for certain heard about RSS. If did not hear yet, then you especially need to read this article. Because use of RSS tapes will facilitate your life. You should not visit the favourite websites over and over again.
Programs for record of disks
Программы для записи дисковYou already know what optical disks exist as to store them and as to handle them that they served more long. Let's find out now, as well as by means of what software to write down these disks that they served you faithfully for many years, but would not be lost death brave even in the course of record.
Programs for reading books on the computer
Программы для чтения книг на компьютереYou sometime read books on the computer? You consider, what it is inconvenient? Or perhaps tried to read them in Word'e, but it was not pleasant to you? I once too so thought. So far on the advice of the companion did not install the program for reading books. Since then I give to books till some hours in day, to read became comfortable, and the most important – eyes are not tired.
What is the DjVu format
Что такое формат DjVuWhat is déjà vu? No, this not only psychological state when it seems to you that you similar already saw something, or were in a similar situation. It also a format of the DjVu files – a graphic format which is used mainly for preservation and compression of the scanned books containing color images and the text.
What is the mkv format
Что такое формат mkvIn the modern digital world there is a set of various ways of submission of digital multimedia information. Of course, to transfer analog information to a digital form, the special programs creating the file (we will call it the container), which contains all audio and video information are necessary.
Optimization of Windows Vista
Оптимизация Windows VistaIn this article we will tell how it is possible to force Windows Vista OS to earn quicker, thus consuming less memory. It is no secret that after installation the system works far not in the best way as the lot of unnecessary programs, services, etc. is started. It is supposed that you already installed system and all necessary software.
Necessary set of programs for the computer
Необходимый набор программ для компьютераGetting the personal computer very few people know precisely, what programs, utilities and drivers will be necessary for it in the future. However there is a small set of programs which are always very useful for having near at hand. In this article will consider the most necessary programs for work with your computer.
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