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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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What to look in Istanbul in 4 days Rounds and excursions
Что посмотреть в Стамбуле за 4 дняOur arrival by plane had, certainly, a positive effect – change of seasons was so obvious that it pleasantly excited and did not disappoint at all. The Moscow winter has few pluses, and the Istanbul spring in January is fine. We had only four full days for which because of Istanbul there was a strong wish to make out ancient Constantinople.
Sights of Dubrovnik, Croatia Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности Дубровника, ХорватияIf to look at Dubrovnik from air, the Old city seems absolutely small, new areas in the West, the peninsula Babin Cook and Lapad dominate. However on the district of distance are counted in a different way. Because Dubrovnik all in steps – the quicker you will get used to consider them about yourself that precisely the nobility, how many remained, the easier on them to climb up.
What to bring from Thailand References
Что привезти из ТаиландаQuite unexpectedly good luck smiled to us with the girlfriend – from snow winter we were postponed to ten days in the summer fairy tale. Nine hours of flight, and here already friendly and tenderly Thailand meets us. From one trip there are so much poleznost and souvenirs it was not possible to bring! Now I will tell you why our suitcases so grew fat.
Island of Corfu, Greece Rounds and excursions
Остров Корфу, ГрецияWhy it is worth going in May? Not that the island of Corfu was bad in the rest of the time of year, but in May a keyword – not a season. Beaches are empty and pure, at restaurant the little table with the best look is always free, country houses by the sea stand idle. Surprisingly? Hey yeah! The only minus – the sea is coldish, but it is easily compensated to that you will enjoy this sea proud loneliness.
Rest in Greece Rounds and excursions
Отдых в ГрецииGreece – the country loved by many travelers, it is known, admire it, aspire to it. But not all know it such, what it from within – local customs, life of ordinary Greeks, their traditions and rest. In this article there is a wish to add a few information from the persons living many years in Greece. I hope, it is useful to the tourists going to a way.
Consent to departure of the child abroad References
Согласие на выезд ребенка за границуThe organization of a trip abroad of the little traveler always demands special attention from his parents. There are also legal nuances of registration of such trip, not which observance is capable to spoil it hopelessly. So, the child goes abroad, in what cases the consent of his parents and how it is made out for this purpose is necessary?
Holiday without cares: online order of hotel and "correct" baggage References
Отпуск без забот: онлайн-заказ отеля и «правильный» багажGoing to the southern seas and packing baggage, it is possible to be limited safely to pair of bathing suits, documents and a purse. Excursion rounds and automobile travel on "architectural pearls" of Europe or Russia hardly assume such levity. Therefore having ordered round or having issued the online order of hotel, it is worth being engaged in collecting a suitcase seriously.
Excursion across Balaklava, the Crimea Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия по Балаклаве, КрымCrimea! Sun! Sea! Beach! Such associations arise in the head when you hear the word "Balaklava". But the Crimea thanks to the geographical position is not only the known resort, it is the huge museum open-air – historical sights and natural monuments adjoin nearby. A most striking example of such interesting neighbourhood – Balaklava.
The Polesye reserve – round of the day off Rounds and excursions
Полесский заповедник – тур выходного дняSo, the decision to spend days off in nature is made. We wanted not simply standard small river wood set, we wanted to get there where the foot of the person did not go. The Polesye reserve became such unusual place mislaid in time and space. A little that there was a late fall confused, but with weather we were lucky, was solar and dry.
Sights of Dmitrov Rounds and excursions
Достопримечательности ДмитроваThe ancient city situated near Moscow in 2014 is 860 years old. It has the richest history, amazing ancient monuments, the modern centers of entertainments. Here is what to look and to that to be surprised. To reach from Moscow to Dmitrov of efforts will not deliver. It is simple to pass 65 kilometers to the north from MKAD on the car on a good roadbed of Dmitrovskoye Highway.
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