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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of a sage
Полезные свойства шалфеяIn many countries including in Russia, the sage is officially recognized by physicians a herb. Leaves can be bought in a drugstore or to prepare independently if you live in the southern areas – in Ukraine, the Caucasus, in the Crimea, Moldova, Krasnodar Krai. suggests to get acquainted in more detail with this plant.
Useful properties of cowberry
Полезные свойства брусникиBerries with a gentle flush, dark leaves with luster, also cost kustochka height not above a hummock. At once it is possible to guess that this riddle about cowberry. This small, low evergreen low shrub can be met in pine pine forest, the mixed wood and even in the marshland.
Useful properties of a red mountain ash
Полезные свойства красной рябиныOne of jewelry of gloomy fall – bright clusters of a ripe mountain ash. Somehow it is in a special way loved in the people. Harmonous trees with flexible branches, beautiful carved leaflets and brushes of berries can be met almost in each front garden in the village or in villages. And in the city birdies greedy regale on it in cold weather.
Diseases of roses
Болезни розMost often roses suffer from mealy dew, a rust, black spottiness, gray decay, infectious "burn". It is difficult to treat diseases, try to take all measures that to prevent them. Here about it the speech in our article will also go today.
Roses, landing and leaving
Розы, посадка и уходAbout a rose the set of verses, songs, legends is put. Gardeners give to this majestic flower a royal crown. The palette of shades of buds of a rose is great – snow-white, orange, gentle-pink, claret, ardently red, light yellow, blue and black. And if you have a dream – to grow up on the site magnificent bushes with bright fragrant flowers, but in thoughts uncertainty – whether will consult?
Medicinal properties of a root of a dandelion
Лечебные свойства корня одуванчикаYou will surprise nobody with a dandelion which yellow inflorescences appear in the spring with the first heat everywhere – in the yards, on clearings, kitchen gardens, forest lawns. Look narrowly, it even finds a tiny crack or a crack on the asphalted road and about the base of the house and gets out from there – a stalk a small, lopsided, but solar-yellow flower all the same cheerful.
Medicinal properties of a burdock
Лечебные свойства лопухаPerhaps, all know this big plant having a powerful stalk, large juicy leaves and "tseplyuchy" lilac (lilac) inflorescences in a look shishechek with seeds inside, called by a burdock. Many names were fixed in the people behind it: burdock, burdock, lopushnik, dedovnik. Towards the end of summer from prilipchivy baskets there is no pass.
Useful properties of an estragon
Полезные свойства тархунаAt conservation many hostesses by all means put a branch of a fragrant estragon in a jar is reduces growth and reproduction of lactic bacteria. Then long safety, aroma and a hrustkost are provided to cucumbers. We use it at preparation of various vegetable salatik, sauces, fish and meat dishes.
Phloxes, landing and leaving
Флоксы, посадка и уходOutside September, and at us in a garden late grades of phloxes continue blossoming. These flowers are loved by many Russian gardeners. They lighten mood the color palette. The place – in a front garden, about a bench, in the depth of a garden will be them everywhere.
Properties of a hawthorn
Свойства боярышникаHerbs are capable to help not only at colds, cough, wounds, a hair loss, but also at serious diseases. Today we will talk about a hawthorn – the friend of cores. This bush though prickly, but here by force and properties is allocated by the mighty. And not only cardiologists carefully studied and recognized hawthorn fruits, it is recommended to apply it and at other diseases.
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