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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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The pork ribs baked in an oven
Свиные ребрышки, запеченные в духовкеImagine a feast. Guests already drank on a liqueur glass - another, slowly flows a friendly chat. But here on a threshold there is a hostess with the main course of a feast in hands. The simple set of products, simple manipulations according to our recommendations - and on your table can also appear the most tasty pork ribs baked in an oven.
The recipe of salad with a tuna
Рецепт салата с тунцомThe Mediterranean kitchen is good the ease and nutritiousness at the same time, abundance of vegetables and dairy products. I want to offer readers the recipe of salad with a tinned tuna which is easy and fast in preparation, does not demand big monetary expenses. Besides, its structure can be varied easily depending on your tastes and preferences.
Recipe Cordon blyu
Рецепт Кордон блюRecipes of dishes from chicken meat exists so many that, perhaps, all cannot even be listed simply. But is among them such which enjoy special popularity at culinary specialists. These dishes are good the simplicity in production, interesting taste and effective appearance. Mirsovetov will also prepare one of them under the name "Cordon Blyu" today.
The recipe of preparation of beaters with a salmon and avocado
Рецепт приготовления роллов с семгой и авокадоIf you visited any portal devoted to Japanese cuisine, for certain came to confusion from that, how many views of the land exist. Sushi, osidzus, nigiri-sushi, beaters (they are makidzus) – from names flickers before eyes and only that beaters most often mean by the general name "sushi" becomes clear. Here we will also train them.
Recipe of salad Sunflower
Рецепт салата ПодсолнухModern culinary specialists create the whole works of art on plates. And we admire them, noting that effective appearance does a dish to even more appetizing. At forces on any "embellishments" usually does not remain. But there are also not difficult dishes in which ornament enters the general process of preparation. One of the best samples of it is Sunflower salad.
Preparation of yogurt in house conditions
Приготовление йогурта в домашних условияхHouse fermented milk products not only tasty, but also very useful. The complex bifido-and lactobacilli who are so necessary for the correct work of an organism, normalization of a metabolism enters them. And are only necessary for preparation of tasty and useful house yogurt – ferment, milk and the yogurt maker (or a thermos).
The recipe of the baked eggplants
Рецепт запеченных баклажановPractically any feast does not do without dishes from "blue" as tenderly call eggplants. What there "caviar overseas" – exists a huge number of the recipes allowing to create from this vegetable the real culinary masterpieces, tasty, useful and that is important, simple in preparation. Give and we will prepare a hot dish from the baked eggplants.
The recipe Flowers from pineapples
Рецепт Цветы из ананасовWhat to do if time for cooking of house culinary masterpieces is practically not present? The answer is simple: it is necessary to switch to simple and fast sweets in preparation. They effectively look on a table, and their gentle taste will pleasantly surprise both members of household, and guests who glanced "on a spark". One of such recipes – "Flowers from pineapples" – is also presented to your attention today.
Recipe of a sweet sausage
Рецепт сладкой колбаскиNot so long ago familiar – mother of the school student third-grader – with laughter told how her child, having come from school, demanded that she immediately fed him … with sweet sausage. The first minute the acquaintance became puzzled. Once, in Soviet period, this delicacy was popular, but now it was unfairly forgotten.
Recipes of salting of fat
Рецепты засолки сала"The national Ukrainian product" – salty lard - still has not equal in popularity in many countries. Someone prefers to buy it already ready to the use, but many like to create culinary masterpieces on the basis of independently chosen fat. For those who wants to try in it the hand, and we offer some recipes.
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