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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Brashing for the person Beauty and health
Брашинг для лицаThe polluted air, food with chemical additives, proximity of industrial zones – all this affects our skin, and the person suffers first of all. But to despair and neglect everything if you noticed the first age changes, is not necessary. There are many ways to return former beauty. And a brashing – one of them.
Laser peeling Beauty and health
Лазерный пилингAnything so obviously does not give out age of the person as his skin. In youth the large supply of collagen does it smooth, elastic and beautiful. But with age skin starts losing an esthetic look and each new year of life leaves on it the trace.
Turpentine bathtubs in house conditions Beauty and health
Скипидарные ванны в домашних условияхTurpentine bathtubs already for many years are famous for the curative properties. Probably, still your grandmothers and grandfathers remember a pulverizing on the basis of turpentine as panacea from many sores. In spite of the fact that this method quite old, it has a deserved success still. Today will tell about all medical effects which give turpentine bathtubs.
How to make lunar manicure Beauty and health
Как сделать лунный маникюрWhimsical lady Moda thinks out every year all new shifts to change our appearance and to present to the world even more magnificence. Here and in the come season it dictates the rules, and is ready to share with beautiful readers beauty secrets.
Clothes in style a vintage Clothes
Одежда в стиле винтажSome time ago it was difficult to present that modern women will want not only to dress clothes which were fashionable many years ago, but also the huge sums of money will agree to pay for it. However the fashion is unpredictable and whimsical is an indisputable fact. And this time she presented to women new style under the name "vintage".
Almond peeling Beauty and health
Миндальный пилингClarification of skin by means of an almond peeling – the most demanded and effective cosmetic procedure today. The effect from its influence allows to correct some problems of skin, as much as possible reducing risk of injury of epidermis and providing visible result.
Enzimny peeling Beauty and health
Энзимный пилингEnzimny peeling – unique procedure which allows to update epidermis and to give a healthy look to sensitive skin. The secret is covered in use of the enzymes and special fermentativny substances allowing to influence delicately a skin layer. Such procedure will help to eliminate minor defects, guaranteeing steady result.
How to spin braids Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как плести косичкиWith approach of spring on city streets it is possible to see many girls and girls with beautiful hairdresses braids. Braids can be met the most various and this true art! If you mother of the charming baby, you need to learn to do various plaits, and your girl will be the owner of the most beautiful hairdress.
How to make a smoka make-up ays Beauty and health
Как сделать макияж смоки айсFaultlessness of a make-up – an important component of refined image of each girl as on it also there is the fashion. One of popular trends of year is the effect of "a smoky look" in which the main accent is given to eyes. The smoka make-up ays allows to give to an expressiveness look with an easy haze of mysteriousness.
Use of peach oil Beauty and health
Применение персикового маслаThe tasty, juicy, summer fruit and attracts to taste it. The peach is loved both adults, and children. But its value is cut not only in pulp, but also in a stone from which extract the peach oil, most useful to a human body.
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