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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to take away the drooped skin
Как убрать обвисшую кожуOne of the reasons on which many girls who need to dump not less than 10 kilograms of excess weight elementary are afraid to grow thin, along with that dream to find a slim figure, loss of elasticity of skin is. This fear occurs because skin after weight loss can droop, and despite the outlined waist the esthetic type of skin will leave much to be desired.
Make-up for small eyes
Макияж для маленьких глазThe true woman, having perfectly studied all the shortcomings, does not take offense at the nature and does not blame for all misfortunes genes - she throws down them a challenge! Waists are not present? More tightly we will tighten a corbel! Hair rather thin? Let's twist! Eyes small? Let's draw more! Let's roll!
How to get rid of a back spots
Как избавиться от прыщей на спинеElastic clean skin was always considered as the main condition of all canons of beauty. Therefore in this century of the highest development medical and cosmetic technologies, apparently, are not present and there cannot be no problem which would not respond to treatment and decorative adjustment. On the contrary, people who long and unsuccessfully try to clear the skin of spots will object.
Can massage
Баночный массажThe few become winners in fight against cellulitis, unfortunately. And if become, not forever - any minute opposite poles again will return on favourite legs! Therefore to us, women, it is always necessary to be on the alert. Today will tell the readers about all secrets and subtleties of can massage for elimination of cellulitis and maintenance of a body in a tone.
Masks from wrinkles round eyes
Маски от морщин вокруг глазThe very first wrinkles which with chagrin notices at himself the woman is wrinkles round eyes. Someone notes their emergence at rather early age – till 25 years (mimic wrinkles are capable to afflict even 18 summer girl), at someone they appear much later, but regardless of it, they are practically capable to enter any woman into a panic state.
How to remove acrylic nails in house conditions
Как снять акриловые ногти в домашних условияхVery many women complain that procedure of building and removal of artificial nails very much spoils then their nail plate. However specialists in nail extension categorically do not agree with similar statements. As by them it is noticed for a long time, ladies try to save the money on this procedure and remove artificial nails independently, using everything that is near at hand.
RF lifting: features of procedure
RF-лифтинг: особенности процедурыThe modern cosmetology does not stand still and develops literally with great strides thanks to what we, women, can keep the natural beauty and youth for many years.
Advantage of chocolate
Польза шоколадаChocolate all – irrespective of age love, nationalities, a social status or religion. This delicacy is most favourite at millions of people on the planet.
Secrets of beauty of Cleopatra
Секреты красоты КлеопатрыWhether Cleopatra was beautiful? In this respect opinions differ. One claim that she was beautiful, others that her appearance was far from perfect to argue with that it was incredibly well-groomed, however, difficult. We can approve one for certain: to this day it is a standard of feminity and charm.
МикродермабразияOne of the most popular and available procedures is for today microdermabrasion which else often is called "polishing of skin". Thanks to it it is possible to achieve at the same time two positive effects: to relieve skin of dead cages and by that to prolong her youth.
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