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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of a black-fruited mountain ash
Полезные свойства черноплодной рябиныMany gardeners on the site plant a black-fruited mountain ash. In the fall this bush looks especially beautifully: among green and crimson leaves clusters with the black berries similar to effective beads hang down. But not all know that berries can be used for treatment. Today will tell to readers of structure and curative properties of fruits, contraindications and ways of processing.
Useful properties of a persimmon
Полезные свойства хурмыAutumn time … Under feet the leaves lost by trees rustle. Birds amicable pack to the South depart. Here and there already the snowball – attacks and will thaw. It is wet, slyakotno, gloomy. Many long, despond. And here at this moment the nature wants us to please with the bright fruits – a persimmon. Color at it saturated, orange – it, according to a tsvetoterapiya, invigorates, lightens mood and a vitality.
Useful properties of dates
Полезные свойства финиковSweetish and gentle taste of dates draws our attention when there is a wish for something tasty and unusual. And these fruits are known to people from antiquity. In recent years scientists made a set of the discoveries concerning structure and curative properties of the balsas having a palchaty appearance, reaching in length of eight centimeters. will also share this information with the readers.
Advantage and harm of soy
Польза и вред соиOn counters of shops we meet a huge number of products from soy. Soy milk, meat, sausage, soy cheese is a not full list. However, in Europe, and especially in Russia soy is so popularized only some decades. That is we learned soy not so long ago. And to new it is accepted belongs with care.
Useful properties of a fig
Полезные свойства инжираArcheological excavations confirm that the fig can safely be carried to the most ancient plants. Also other its names – a fig tree, a fig, a fig, a kariysky ficus are widely known.
Useful properties of a guelder-rose
Полезные свойства калиныHere and October comes to the end. And the fall prepared for us one more useful berry – a red guelder-rose. Its tastes improve after autumn morozets. Already it is possible to start collecting the large bright red clusters poured by the juice having characteristic taste and a slightly bitter taste.
Useful properties of beet
Полезные свойства свёклыOver the earth with big leaves the grass, and underground was placed the claret head. Even children know an answer on this riddle is a beet. In the people the bright sweet root crop was always held in high esteem, vitamin-rich and other useful substances.
Useful properties of a celery
Полезные свойства сельдереяThanks to fine medicinal and curative properties, the celery is long since used in traditional medicine to cure and prevent development of a set of various diseases. And it is useful entirely, as they say "from vershoks and to backs".
Useful properties of pumpkin
Полезные свойства тыквыPumpkin – one of the most ancient fruits growing on our earth. A sort it from South America, to be exact, from Mexico. As archeologists speak, more than five thousand years began to grow up B.C. pumpkin, and there was it even before corn.
Chrysanthemums, landing and leaving
Хризантемы, посадка и уходAll of us want that the plants which are fascinating and involuntarily attracting a look continuously blossomed on country sites. Certainly, it is possible to carry roses to such flowers and chrysanthemums. In a popularity rating at gardeners the chrysanthemum takes an honourable second place.
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