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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of chocolate mousse
Рецепт шоколадного муссаChocolate mousse is very tasty, easy dessert. Offering you the recipe on the basis of chocolate, I want to note that already smell of chocolate causes positive emotions, awakens appetite. And when your sense of smell should face a combination of a smell of chocolate and vanilla then simply there are no words, began to smell the simply magic.
Recipe of carrots in Korean
Рецепт моркови по-корейскиFor a long time it is known of useful properties of carrots. And recipes with use of carrots there is a set. But it would be desirable to stop on sharp snack under the name "carrots in Korean". It is magnificent sharp snack which can be used as separately, and with various meat and fish dishes.
Recipes of preparation of coffee in the Turk
Рецепты приготовления кофе в туркеCoffee – one of the most popular drinks around the world. There is a set of ways of its preparation. Some make it at once in a cup, but the most experienced cook coffee in the Turk. Such way of preparation is considered the most correct. Let's get acquainted with recipes according to which cook coffee in the different countries.
The recipe of chicken legs in teriyaki sauce
Рецепт куриных ножек в соусе териякиWhen it is necessary to feed in the evening a family with something fresh and tasty, and forces and desire long to be fooled with difficult dishes are not present, simple and fast recipes come to the rescue. One of such – chicken legs under teriyaki sauce with addition of garlic. The dish prepares very quickly, does not demand big expenses, juicy, nourishing, but not too high-calorie and not heavy for a stomach.
Recipe of the Neapolitan pizza Margarita
Рецепт неаполитанской пиццы МаргаритаAmong all Italian pizzas Margarita is, perhaps, the simply and most favourite. The mozzarella prepared with tomato sauce, cheese, olive oil and leaves of a basil, it will satisfy taste of the most exacting gourmet. And today we will try to prepare this miracle of culinary art in house conditions.
Advantage of dried fruits
Польза сухофруктовWinter – a cold and monotonous season. Behind a window constant snow, and even is worse than that, never-ending slush. All of us do not have flight abundance of paints, flowers, smells and tastes in the winter. Sometimes so there is a wish to please itself and the relatives with something tasty and useful. Here it is a high time to remember dried fruits.
The recipe of caviar from an eggplant
Рецепт икры из баклажанThere is a huge number of recipes of eggplant caviar, it is possible even to tell that in each family it cook with the nuances. Today we will share with you the recipe of the caviar from an eggplant prepared completely on a frying pan without use of the food processor and other adaptations, besides rather dietary – it suits even to people with stomach problems.
Recipe of a cheesecake
Рецепт творожного тортаHow often after festive feasts we get up on scales – and with horror we find out, what their arrow indicates extra kilos?! It is good that such sweet dishes after which it is possible not to reproach himself with will power loss, there is a great variety and to fans of pastries is from what to choose. One of such is the cheesecake which recipe we offer.
Lithuanian cold borsch
Литовский холодный борщIn the hot summer afternoon and there is no wish to think of hot food. And if at the assortment of the second dishes there are very much that with pleasure are absorbed chilled, cold first courses is not so much. The classical dish of the Lithuanian ethnic cuisine on its homeland called Š by altibar š Kiai (shaltibarshchay, "a cold borsch"), one of such.
How it is correct to freeze berries and fruit?
Как правильно заморозить ягоды и фрукты?Summer days, besides rest and good mood, give us unforgettable feelings of taste and aroma of fresh berries and fruit. Their taste can be tested and during the autumn and winter period, once correctly subjects use that the nature gives us. I consider as the best way of preservation of nutritious properties and tastes of perishable berries and fruit freezing.
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