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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Diamond peeling Beauty and health
Алмазный пилингThe aspiration of the woman to have a faultless image and to allure views of people around generates a set of types of cosmetology procedures for improvement, rejuvenation and smoothing of skin. One of such innovations – the diamond peeling allowing to eliminate without serious consequences scars, hems, wrinkles and defects of epidermis.
Pluses and minuses of a gas-liquid peeling Beauty and health
Плюсы и минусы газожидкостного пилингаGas-liquid peeling – a novelty among technologies on rejuvenation and deep cleaning of face skin, and also elimination of defects of relief. At the heart of a technique influence of two components of a natural origin – oxygen and water which provide unsurpassed result is put at once.
How to do Japanese manicure Beauty and health
Как делать японский маникюрWant to have faultless, well-groomed handles a long marigold, and no means help? Do not despair, try a new type of manicure which is successfully applied in Japan.
Iodine for nails Beauty and health
Йод для ногтейFragile nails – a problem not only female, but sometimes and man's. Nails in general are capable to tell about health and the status of the person a lot of things therefore councils for care of them are always actual. For nails heard many about useful properties of iodine, but the responses which tried the absolutely different. Someone claims that it really helps, and someone insists on even worst result.
Types of an epilation Beauty and health
Виды эпиляцииWhat woman does not dream of smooth beautiful legs, and there is a lot of methods for implementation of the dream. But here what to choose from them not to do much harm to skin and to have tremendous result. Will tell about it.
How to remove shellac in house conditions Beauty and health
Как снимать шеллак в домашних условияхFor any woman there are three most important indicators of her status and the attitude towards themselves: hairdress, footwear and nails. And if the footwear can be bought simply more expensively and more qualitatively, it is better to look after a hairdress and hair, our nails and hands are direct reflection of our everyday life.
How to make eyebrows dense Beauty and health
Как сделать брови густымиLength, density, width and depth of coloring of eyebrows depends on fashionable tendencies, but regardless of it, their ukhozhennost remains actual always! Now in fashion dense, quite wide eyebrows and everyone beauties from the fashionable magazine can brag of them therefore no wonder that practically any woman dreams of such eyebrows today.
Mekhendi in house conditions Beauty and health
Мехенди в домашних условияхMekhendi represents unique art of a list on skin which was created many centuries back. Florid patterns and lacy ornaments are put with henna, covering hands, a stomach, feet with unique drawings, thawing in itself secrets of mystical sense.
Fashionable bathing suits 2014 Clothes
Модные купальники 2014The bathing suit in the opinion of the modern woman stopped being "special clothes for bathing and rest at a reservoir" for a long time. Now it is the certain symbol promoting identity manifestation, urged to submit, seduce and simply to give good mood to the owner. Therefore no wonder that with approach of a beach season each woman of fashion is anxious with a bathing suit choice.
Dimeksid for growth of hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Димексид для роста волосIn each country, in each big city and the small settlement of the woman always considered hair the main weapon. And to have a dense shock of brilliant hair, went for any tests. Creams, masks, oils – not the full list of means by means of which the desperate young women try to restore elasticity and gloss of the ringlets.
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