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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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How to get rid of callosities standing
Как избавиться от мозолей на ногах"And again trod on corns". Expression is familiar? Today together with we will talk about imperceptible, but in too time giving a lot of inconvenience defect – about callosities as to get rid of them and that it is necessary to do that they did not appear.
How to clean wrinkles on a forehead
Как убрать морщины на лбуWrinkles on a forehead, perhaps, the earliest signs of aging on a face. They can already appear in youth, and it is connected with a habit to wrinkle a forehead, to reflect over problems. But even if to accustom itself to wrinkle less a forehead, wrinkles will not disappear already anywhere. To make them less noticeable, it is necessary to give to this part of the face a little of time. We will open before you secrets how to clean wrinkles on a forehead.
How to clean ears on hips
Как убрать ушки на бедрахYou have a beautiful figure, but you are not pleasant to yourself in a mirror. Are afflicted when put on a dress in covering, and the eye is fixed by cambers on hips? You should not worry, everything is reparable. will come to the rescue to you and will tell how it is easy to clean ears on hips and will teach you to find self-confidence.
ДарсонвализацияThere are physioprocedures by means of which it is possible to solve a number of problems with health, to prevent withering of skin, emergence of wrinkles, an alopetion (a strong hair loss). And, it is not obligatory to go every day for this purpose to policlinic or beauty shop at all.
How to remove the increased eyelashes
Как снять нарощенные ресницыIt is known that eyes are a window to the soul, likely, therefore they always attract a look of an opposite sex. On what only shifts do not go girls that their eyes looked even more attractive. Most often increase artificial eyelashes, but then face one more problem - as these increased eyelashes to remove.
White spots on nails: reasons and treatment
Белые пятна на ногтях: причины и лечениеWhite spots on nails appear both at adults, and at children from time to time. If the nail plate was "decorated" by a couple of white strips or spots, anything terrible in this cosmetic defect is not present. However if they appear in large numbers and long do not disappear, it is necessary to pay closer attention to a problem. So, perhaps, the organism reports to us about internal violations.
Use of almond oil
Применение миндального маслаAlmond oil is a universal remedy. It is used as in pure form, and combined with various other components. Oil is applied everywhere. Many who already got acquainted with its unique properties, enthusiastically share the secrets.
Cabbage diet
Капустная диетаThe cabbage diet deserved popularity thanks to the efficiency. So, effectiveness and efficiency is reached by cabbage of a diet because the cabbage in itself is quite low-calorie product. Thus the cabbage is useful to our organism. After all it contains many vitamins, minerals and cellulose which is useful to work of our intestines.
Salicylic peeling
Салициловый пилинг"Light wash a pocket mirror, tell and all truth report …" - thoughtfully looking in a mirror, considers the, not ideal face the young girl. And the exit is – to return elasticity and smoothness of skin it is possible quite easy way. How? Together with we will consider one of types of a chemical peeling.
As honey massage becomes
Как делается медовый массажIt is no secret that many pharmaceutical preparations, along with therapeutic effect give a number of complications therefore today more and more doctors and patients resort to medical influence of natural improving means.
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