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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Medicinal properties of a clover
Лечебные свойства клевераThe Russian land long since is famous for herbs about which advantage our ancestors knew. But, unfortunately, the set of secrets, recipes of collecting and preparation of herbs, were lost or forgotten under the influence of fast development of modern medical technologies though that can bring big benefit for health, than gifts of the nature?
Advantage of bananas
Польза банановBananas today, perhaps, one of the most widespread fruit on our table. There are they less, than other overseas fruit, and here useful properties in them much. Apply them not only in cookery, but also in medicine and cosmetology.
Application of a red brush
Применение красной щёткиIn the last decades appeared in packing drugstores with the plant having the interesting and strange name – a red brush. And at forums the subjects telling how to many women this plant helped to get rid of gynecologic problems even more often meet and to become mothers.
Useful properties of oats
Полезные свойства овсаSince ancient times people knew about existence of such cereal as oats, with it usually fed cattle. And over time it became clear that in it there are a lot of useful properties. Homeland of this plant Northern China and Mongolia.
Useful properties of a ginseng
Полезные свойства женьшеняNot for nothing the ginseng is called the king of herbs. Long since it was appreciated worth its weight in gold. Even appropriated to its curative roots own names, as well as to jewels, one of such names – "The great eremite".
Useful properties of garlic
Полезные свойства чеснокаGarlic – a perennial grassy plant. All heard about its advantage, but it would be desirable to discuss all its useful properties and application in various areas.
Useful properties of a nettle
Полезные свойства крапивыOn our planet of one thousand plants and many of them medicinal. But, perhaps, the real leader in the medicinal properties is the nettle. Where it was only not used couples centuries ago...
Useful properties of pomegranate
Полезные свойства гранатаFor many people a symbol of a snow time of year and New Year's holidays is pomegranate. This one of the most ancient edible fruits on the earth which are known to the person. Today readers of learn a lot of new about this useful berry.
Useful properties of a sea-buckthorn
Полезные свойства облепихиSmall imperceptible berry of a sea-buckthorn wins hearts more and more every year and takes a place on tables of those who cares of the health. And it is not surprising, after all in it there are so much useful properties that it can be used as panacea practically at any illness.
Useful properties of grapes
Полезные свойства виноградаFall – the generous time, continues to feed us with the vitamins containing many vegetables, fruit, berries. Today will pay special attention to grapes and its medicinal properties.
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