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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to prepare sauerkraut
Как приготовить квашеную капустуAround the world there is a huge set of recipes of sauerkraut. In Russia sauerkraut is considered a traditional dish. And it is not surprising – after all it was one of the easiest ways to keep it almost for all winter. In each corner of our country the cabbage is prepared in the way verified from time immemorial.
The recipe of soup with trickled pastries
Рецепт супа с клецкамиIn the culinary world there is a huge number of soups, one of them is soup with trickled pastries. Probably, many readers of will pay attention to this recipe and will make it one of the favourite soups. It prepares very simply and quickly, and what aroma fills your kitchen – all members of household and wait somewhat quicker to start tasting of this dish.
Recipe of preparation of a forshmak
Рецепт приготовления форшмакаFrom usual fat herring, onions and boiled potatoes the dish called forshmak turns out. In general, this word in translation from German "Vorschmack" means "anticipation". Forshmak treats classical Jewish cuisine. A dish rather high-calorie, having used a couple of such sandwiches for breakfast, the feeling of hunger will not visit you at least till a lunch.
The recipe of house sausage from chicken fillet
Рецепт домашней колбасы из куриного филеWhen at my daughter problems with a pancreas began, to us the strict diet was appointed. We, trying to support the daughter, started feeding on all family dietary. Soon the fast and monotonous food began all to bother, and I had to begin search of new tasty, but dietary recipes. And here I remembered that cooked boiled sausage from chicken breasts earlier.
The recipe of croissants with poppy
Рецепт круассанов с макомCroissant is the French culinary product which gained big distribution around the world. Croissants, as a rule, for breakfast, together with tea, coffee or hot chocolate are served. As a stuffing there can be various shredded nuts, raisin, boiled condensed milk, curds, usual cinnamon, honey, bananas, generally, everything that your soul will wish.
Potato gnocchis with cheese and tomatoes
Картофельные ньокки с сыром и томатамиGnocchi is a dish of Italian cuisine. According to the name it is difficult to guess that they represent, but actually, gnocchis are very similar to trickled pastries which we like to add to soup. Thus the dish acts as independent. I would like to stop on potato nyokka with cheese and tomatoes. As, on my taste, it is the most advantageous option.
The most tasty mutton pilaf: we prepare home-style
Вкуснейший плов из баранины: готовим по-домашнемуPilaf – the dish which came to us from Asia and strongly took roots in cookbooks, having taken a place of honor. Today some tens kinds of this east dish, depending on ingredients, a way of preparation and some culinary focuses are. However today we will talk about pilaf classical, to mutton
Recipe of fish pie
Рецепт рыбного пирогаI bring to your attention the recipe of fish pie. In the recipe fish a greenling is used, she rather fat and in her is not a lot of bones. But also variations are allowed: you can use fish of different grades, of course, choose better that where there are less than bones. If adhere to any diet, it is worth refusing fat grades of fish.
Recipe of house mayonnaise
Рецепт домашнего майонезаPresently any hostess does not do without such habitual and universal sauce as mayonnaise. But even more often caught itself on thought that with each spoon of this sauce it is necessary to eat a set well very not useful preservatives and other "E-shek". I was waited by pleasant surprise, – I found the recipe of house mayonnaise moreover what!
Recipe of rye bread
Рецепт ржаного хлебаBread ended? That can be simpler, it is necessary to run to the nearest grocery shop only. This situation is familiar to everyone. Bought – ate. And that once our grandmothers baked bread, many or forgot, or simply consider that its preparation – very long and laborious process. And after all actually it so simply and quickly!
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