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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Drinks to a holiday table Holidays
Напитки к праздничному столуIf cooking is a duty of the hostess, the holiday table is from some party examination. Hostesses know that it is correct to give it is necessary not only dishes, but also drinks, after all they can skillfully complete furniture and luxury of a table. Drinks should not be in an excess, but has to be enough for all, they have to supplement, but not eclipse a dish.
How to create band It is useful to know
Как создать музыкальную группуAttracts light of spotlights? Wish to stand on a scene, at which bottom the crowd of fans chanting your name? By all means want to throw out the TV from a window of hotel and to break couple of guitars during a concert? It's cool! Only know that to all this a long and difficult way. Always it is necessary to begin with something.
Review of the movie Super 8 Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Супер 8America, end of the 70th. The group of teenagers shoots the horror film with the amateur camera. Shootings take place cheerfully and even the young film star is picked up. But everything sharply changes in one of film-making days when teenagers become witnesses of awful accident. The train transporting confidential military freight descends about a rail because of collision with the car.
How to write article Work
Как написать статьюHaving created the blog or a page on a social network, all of us become authors, but only correctly written articles will lead to success of the owner of the individual or corporate site. is ready to share with you the knowledge how competently to make the text which is capable to be pleasing not only to your eye, but also to cause delight in the reader.
How to organize the leisure Rest and entertainments
Как организовать свой досугIn any magazine, including even Cosmopolitan, it is full of councils on a subject how to get rid of a depression. And here for some reason, how to diversify the leisure, do not write! Let's meet this lack and we will think together, than to occupy a heap … weight … in any case, the whole abyss of free time! The leisure can be considered from two points of view: rest seasonal and rest daily.
How to choose God parents Religion
Как выбрать крестных родителейIn the course of the Epiphany ceremony the priest three times immerses the child in water and transfers him to new, spiritual parents. The people who accepted the baby from a font from the priest's hands are called as vospriyemnik or God parents. We suggest to study information who can be honored to become the godfather or the godmother. And why God parents are necessary.
As it is correct to drink whisky Rest and entertainments
Как правильно пить вискиThe right to be called as the homeland of whisky is challenged by Scotland and Ireland. As the situation is actually, nobody knows, however the first written mention of this drink belongs to Scotland. Whisky – noble drink and needs to drink it respectively. The generous scale of taste and aroma will reveal only at its correct use.
Games on summer holiday Rest and entertainments
Игры на летнем отдыхеOrganized rest is the planned action including an expanded programme of actions. Nothing will decorate an outdoor recreation as games and competitive programs. Game is that carries away the person since the childhood. Games outdoors do rest more fascinating and unforgettable. And we offer you options of games for any budget, the status and age.
Independent studying of the Czech language It is useful to know
Самостоятельное изучение чешского языкаYou gathered in travel to fantastic Prague? Open business in the Czech Republic? Go to study or work? And maybe, you are attracted simply by sounding of the Czech speech? Anyway you are faced by a question "How to learn the Czech language?". If your native language Russian or other Slavic language, is much simpler to learn the Czech language to you, than all rest.
As it is correct to drink It is useful to know
Как правильно питьAt us in the country many like to drink. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do it. Actually in it there is nothing difficult. At observance of several simple rules it is easy to minimize serious consequences of a feast. Rules, really, simple, burden with nothing and do not prevent to spend time cheerfully.
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Dragon Blood tree (tree of draconian blood) – is called so for the blood-red pitch. Red color to pitch is given by resistant and bright pigments drakorubin and drakokarmin which biological value for scientists remains a riddle.