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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Chemical peeling of a face Beauty and health
Химический пилинг лицаThe increasing popularity among women of both middle age, and very young girls is gained by procedure of a chemical peeling. Only some procedures - and skin as if are born anew: becomes smooth, small wrinkles, eels and spots disappear.
Use of oil of grape seed Beauty and health
Применение масла виноградной косточкиIt is considered literally "gold" - relieves of wrinkles, helps cages to be updated quicker, outputs harmful substances and helps to get rid of many diseases. It will be a question about widespread not only in cosmetology oil of grape seeds.
Macadamia face oil Beauty and health
Масло макадамии для лицаMacadamia – a precious nut which ripens in Australia. This product has small productivity, but according to the characteristics and medical qualities has the highest marks. For this reason exclusive oil from a macadamia so valuably in cosmetology, after all it helps to resolve a wide range of problems.
How visually to reduce a nose Beauty and health
Как визуально уменьшить носThe industry of fashion dictates to the world the canons of beauty for a long time. From covers of glossy magazines girls with ideal faces look at us: smooth velvet skin, big eyes, seductive lips and equal proportional noses. What to do to what appearance is far from perfect?
How to treat zayeda on lips Beauty and health
Как лечить заеды на губахThey can appear at any age, at the person consisting on any social step. Very few people do not know that such the cracks in mouth corners preventing to talk, eat and drink. In the childhood mother said to us that it "from dirt". It is difficult to argue, whether but only it is the reason? And how to treat cracks on lips?
Highlighter for the person Cosmetics and perfumery
Хайлайтер для лицаCurrent trends in the world of fashion generate all new ways of decoration of a female body. In this regard the cosmetic industry presented to public attention such means as a highlighter.
How to define the type of hair of the Hairstyle and a hairdress
Как определить свой тип волосHair of the person daily are exposed to a set of tests. Sunlight, cold and windy weather, an adverse ecological situation or unbalanced food – all these factors are capable to deprive our locks of splendor, gloss and a healthy look. The correct and careful care of hair will help to support them in primitive beauty.
Remover for hair in house conditions Hairstyles and hairdresses
Смывка для волос в домашних условияхHappened at you such that at last found a hair-dye with such beautiful shade of which dreamed only in dreams, applied it on hair, the put thirty minutes hardly waited, wash away, and there … Here for such cases also thought up a remover for hair.
Peeling small fishes Beauty and health
Пилинг рыбкамиPhish Spa or, simply speaking, a peeling small fishes, some years in a row enjoys unprecedented popularity among women from around the world. It and no wonder, after all this procedure has continuous pluses: improvement of skin, pleasure from process, relax, beauty, mass of positive emotions and not only... Today will tell about a peeling small fishes in more detail.
Use of antimony for eyes Beauty and health
Использование сурьмы для глазBeauty of east eyes – the most extraordinary and desired godsend of which all women dream. But it is possible to achieve such expressiveness by means of a make-up from antimony – dye which the Arab beauties use for an eyeliner, toning a century and even treatments of eyes.
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