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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Fractional fototermoliz
Фракционный фототермолизEach woman wants to look young and beautifully, especially if her age reached the golden mean. Many with the first signs of aging go to experts of laser surgery but if this option not for you, an optimum choice – to use a fractional fototermoliz.
How to narrow pores on a face
Как сузить поры на лицеAll women want to have beautiful and healthy skin. This beauty was given some by nature, and someone should fight for ideal skin zealously. There are different reasons of that face skin does not look ideally, but most of all beauties are annoyed by enlarged pores on a face. Unfortunately, this problem disturbs the most part of people on our planet, and it not only individuals of the fair sex.
Technology of hot manicure
Технология горячего маникюраNothing gives out age of the woman as not well-groomed hands. In order that skin was velvety, smooth and shining, beauty shops offer new procedure – hot manicure.
How quickly to grow an eyebrow
Как быстро отрастить бровиRemember how in "Office romance" the pretty secretary Verochka taught unsightly Lyudmila Prokofyevna? "The eyebrow has to be thin-thin as the thread with astonishment raised" - had to aspire to such ideal the Soviet woman. Today glossy magazines propagandize: the more natural eyebrows, the better look!
Types of tattoos
Виды татуировокFor a long time the tattoo was considered as the special symbol distinguishing her owner from people around. Here and today by means of a tattoo of people declares the identity, shows a special mentality and gives to the appearance unusual appearance.
Pigmentation of skin
Пигментация кожиHaving seen a brown spot on a face, the person starts worrying and trying to get rid of it. Campaigns in known beauty shops, expensive procedures... Whether it is so easy to get rid of pigmentary spots on skin and why they arise, today will tell you
Gold threads in cosmetology
Золотые нити в косметологииAspiration to be pleasant at a female in blood. No wonder that at all times women tried to keep youth and beauty as it is possible more long. At times ways of rejuvenation gained very extravagant character. For example, the Hungarian countess Elizabeth Batori got the nickname Bloody because of the passionate hobby to bathe in blood of virgins to have the fresh and shining appearance.
Socks for a peeling
Носочки для пилингаThe other day my colleague told me about the visit to beauty shop. It appears, now there was a new procedure of care of feet. It is a special pedicure with fruit acid. Such chemical peeling costs expensive, but there is more effective remedy which proved on "hurrah" - socks for a peeling.
ПлазмолифтингThe medicine does not stand still, also the cosmetology keeps up to date. Today our story how to return former youth of the skin without operation. will tell you of a new technique of rejuvenation – a plazmolifting.
How to define skin type
Как определить тип кожиEach woman dreams to have beautiful skin, but, as we know, not each woman was so lucky. Of course, genes cannot be changed, but knowing for certain type of the skin to us quite on forces considerably to improve its state and appearance.
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