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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Allergy to pollen at the child
Аллергия на пыльцу у ребенкаMany parents face a problem of a stuffy nose and red eyes at the children during the spring-autumn period. And it accompanies their all warm period of year when everything blossoms and smells. Such phenomenon that another, as allergy to pollen or pollinoz. Heredity can be the initial cause of emergence of an allergy in the child.
Treatment of stomatitis
Лечение стоматитаStomatitis is the disease which is characterized by an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth. It causes discomfort, pain of various degree, deterioration of life in the patient. It is considered that stomatitis is an illness of dirty hands and only small children have it. Both of these statements are false. Any person, irrespective of age can get sick with stomatitis.
Treatment of cross platypodia
Лечение поперечного плоскостопияDifferent factors, in total or separately, lead to the essential deformations of foot bringing pain and discomfort when walking. The increased bone on a foot (is below a thumb), constant natoptysh and callosities, a thumb bend towards the second finger with the subsequent deformation. All this symptoms of cross platypodia.
Children's autism
Детский аутизмIf even not all psychologists, now heard this term about such disease as autism very famous for everyone twenty years ago. In the countries of the former USSR only for the last five years became five times more than the children suffering from autism. Reasons for that set: ecological imbalance, pregnancy pathologies, etc. What to do if you suspect autism at the child?
Anemia at children
Анемия у детейThe diagnosis "anemia" was heard from the pediatrician by many mothers. And about notorious hemoglobin which is for some reason lower than norm, know even fathers! Anemias happen the most different, but the primary majority of anemias develops owing to deficiency of iron. These anemias are called iron deficiency, and we will talk about them.
Hyperactivity at the child
Гиперактивность у ребенкаThe disease state is called a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity (SDVG) and has accurate signs. Children with SDVG do not react to a ban and remarks, are often impulsive and aggressive, finish nothing, quickly distract and become exhausted. This state demands the help of experts (the children's neurologist, the psychologist, the psychiatrist).
Treatment of scoliosis
Лечение сколиозаSince the childhood we, without obeying parents and teachers, we will stoop and incorrectly we sit at a school desk. What to speak here if time dictates the rules, and the majority of time we spend behind the computer, forgetting to do breaks. And when we notice that with our backbone something not so, we do not hurry to address to the doctor, expecting emergence of deteriorations.
Displaziya of coxofemoral joints
Дисплазия тазобедренных суставовAccording to the national program full survey by experts of the child has to begin in 1 month. The list of narrow experts includes also the surgeon-orthopedist. What surprise and frustration at mother when the orthopedist, directing the kid on ultrasonic research of coxofemoral joints, "displaziya" makes the diagnosis. Not everything is so terrible if in time to notice and correctly to treat.
How to lower pressure in house conditions?
Как понизить давление в домашних условиях?Recently the constant tendency to jumps (increases and decreases) of arterial pressure was outlined. Sadly that the increase of pressure peculiar earlier to elderly people or small percent of hypertensive persons, now affected people more young than 35-40 years. And a question "How to lower pressure in house conditions?" an increasing number of people excites.
Skin new growths
Новообразования кожиThere is a belief that if on a body there are a lot of birthmarks, papillomas or warts, so the person has a predisposition to oncological diseases. And it partly truth. And though it only supervision, it is always worth observing certain security measures. And at any guarding factors in development of new growths of skin - to address to the dermatologist or the oncologist.
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