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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of a kiwi
Полезные свойства кивиSeveral years ago Russians had no idea that such kiwi. Now this attractive the ovoid pussies form lie in cells of plastic containers or in cardboard boxes on counters of shops and markets. What it for newcomers such? What comprise, whether bear advantage to health? On these questions you learn answers, having got acquainted with article which offers
Useful properties of a filbert
Полезные свойства фундукаOn flexible trunks Oreshin who sometimes reach in height of 10 meters, the remarkable nut – a filbert grows. This is the cultivated descendant of a forest filbert and he grows generally in the southern countries.
Useful properties of a cranberry
Полезные свойства клюквыWe remember riddles the red berries growing on a bog and hiding in a moss from kindergarten. Black grouses, partridges, martens, bears like to regale on a cranberry.
Useful properties of a mespilus
Полезные свойства иргиAmong a large number of the bushes growing on our personal plots and dachas it is not often possible to meet such plant as a mespilus. It at us does not enjoy popularity, and in vain. After all from sweet berries it turns out not only tasty fragrant jam, but still they are applied to treatment of many diseases.
Advantage of chicory
Польза цикорияPeople have a relation to such plant as chicory always was double: there are those who considers it as a usual weed, and there are also others which are sure that it much more surpasses coffee in the properties and can replace it. Besides its useful properties can cure of many diseases and even to overcome hated obesity.
Useful properties of mango
Полезные свойства мангоMore than 4000 years in India grow up tropical fruit of mango. It not only tasty, but also useful fruit. It comprises many irreplaceable substances and struggles with various illnesses.
Useful properties of a melon
Полезные свойства дыниAncient Arabs considered a melon as really paradise fruit and believed that it got on the planet Earth absolutely incidentally, without intervention of the highest forces did not do here.
Medicinal properties of a girasol
Лечебные свойства топинамбураMany people pass by girasol tubers in supermarkets and in the market. Clear business – backs ordinary-looking and look they not absolutely appetizingly. And there are gardeners who even do not know that at them the girasol grows along a fence, take it for flowers or a weed plant. It turns out that they also do not suspect that underground have the real treasure.
Useful properties of a pomelo
Полезные свойства помелоPomelo – citrus fruit from an evergreen tree of the same name which is appreciated in the world throughout many centuries. It came to us from the Fiji Islands, the most ancient found records about it are dated in 100. This fruit was widely adopted thanks to the useful qualities still in the ancient time, to Europe came in the XIV century.
Advantage of walnuts
Польза грецких ореховIt is considered to be a walnut a miracle tree and, by the way, absolutely not for nothing, after all this plant is useful entirely: both leaves, and fruits, even the shell and partitions of a walnut are capable to bring huge benefit to all organism and not only to it. In life the walnut too is used rather actively.
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