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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of buckwheat cutlets
Рецепт гречневых котлетDishes on the basis of buckwheat are rather various. It is possible to add various ingredients (fried onions, mushrooms, mincemeat and even raisin) to it. It is difficult to spoil buckwheat cereal, with any ingredients it is tasty and useful. Today on the basis of buckwheat cereal we will prepare buckwheat cutlets. They can be given with sauce, vegetable salad.
How to prepare potato hash browns
Как приготовить картофельные драникиHash browns came to us from Belarusian cuisine. In Russia they enjoy not smaller popularity, than in the homeland. They from grated crude potatoes with addition of egg and crude onions prepare, there are many variations of preparation of this dish. But we will stop on classical hash browns and features of their preparation.
The recipe of salad from a mackerel
Рецепт салата из скумбрииSalad from a mackerel with green onions is very fast and tasty snack. Boiled rice and eggs that does salad nutritious and appetizing are its part. In our salad we will also use canned food of a mackerel. Let's start detailed consideration of preparation of salad.
Original cottage cheese dishes
Оригинальные блюда из творогаCottage cheese is useful, all acquired it since the childhood. But most often dishes which we prepare from cottage cheese, are limited to cheesecakes, vareniki and baked pudding. I want to bring to attention readers some very tasty and fast dishes in preparation which will discover the acquaintance for you cottage cheese from the new party. And also I will tell how to make cottage cheese in house conditions.
The recipe of bananas in batter
Рецепт бананов в кляреBanana pakor represent the bananas fried in batter. Almost for certain to you this recipe and not only because it is simple in preparation will be fallen in love. Its secret that roasting process bananas become softer, the gentle consistence adds a special savor, it is simply impossible to come off. Especially your children will like a dish.
What quickly to prepare for lunch
Что быстро приготовить на обедThe full-fledged working day, house efforts, cares of children take away sometimes all forces. Where to find time for preparation of healthy and tasty house food in the mode of such work involving all hands?! It would seem, sometimes we are simply doomed to manage a piece of the forgotten stale bread long ago or to run behind hot dogs in the next booth. However it not so.
Recipe of preparation of vinaigrette
Рецепт приготовления винегретаVinaigrette (from fr. vinaigre – vinegar) – salad from boiled vegetables: beets, potatoes, carrots, salty vegetables (such as cucumbers and sauerkraut), also the napiform or green onions are its part. All this refuels vegetable or olive oil. It is also possible to add boiled or fried meat or fish to vinaigrette. This dish rather dietary and useful.
Preparation of salad from sea cabbage
Приготовление салата из морской капустыWhat do you know about sea cabbage or a laminaria? "It is useful!", – you will answer and will be absolutely right. If to take a laminaria in "a pure look", from it it is possible to prepare a set of tasty salads. I want to offer readers very simple in preparation, tasty, well and, of course, useful salad from sea cabbage.
The candied ginger, useful dessert
Засахаренный имбирь, полезный десертIn cookery use a ginger root. It is possible to get ginger both in the form of the whole root, and in a ground look. It is added to meat and fish dishes, to some types of porridges. Also ginger is a part of elite grades of tea. As the independent dish – ginger causes admiration in many. Today I offer you the recipe of the candied ginger. It prepares very simply and quickly.
Choice and storage of meat
Выбор и хранение мясаAbsolutely true is that fact that usefulness and substantially taste of a ready dish entirely depend on quality and freshness of an initial product. And in this regard ability to choose the best slice from presented on a counter is the integral condition of success and recognition of the hostess during a dinner.
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