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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Review of the movie Professional Cinema
Рецензия на фильм ПрофессионалRomantic the 80th. The former killer lives to himself quietly somewhere in the Australian remote place. So far suddenly does not learn that his former workmate Hunter was captured by the Arab sheikh. As remuneration for release it is required to perform the next fighting task – to revenge for death of his sons of the sheikh. And it is necessary to finish with English members of spetsnaz.
Purchase of the portable dosimeter It is useful to know
Покупка портативного дозиметраAwful accidents in Chernobyl, on Fukushima affected the general radioatsionny background of extensive territories, underground ground waters and the atmosphere. Today you will surprise nobody with the dosimeter, with it shop in the market and check vacation spots or fishings. Usefulness of dosimeters is confirmed with daily practice.
How to choose the breathalyzer It is useful to know
Как выбрать алкотестерSome mistakenly believe that the breathalyzer is necessary only for drivers. Actually it will be not superfluous in many spheres of life. For example, electronic alkometra are widely used on checkpoints of large manufacturing enterprises, and they can help parents in the course of control of the child during the teenage period when the risk of hobby for its alcohol is high with life.
How to win in the totalizator? Rest and entertainments
Как выиграть в тотализаторе?Today the many people are played the totalizator. Set of rates of players forms a prize fund which provides payments to those who wins. It should be noted that the totalizator differs from bookmaker office in that the estimated sizes of a possible prize are not known. Let's understand these "hazardous" questions.
Father Frost's order for the house Services
Заказ Деда Мороза на домWhat New year without Father Frost and the Snow Maiden?! For children they are the real living characters who are surrounded with the fairy tale and magic. And therefore parents, wishing to please the child, invite to themselves Fathers Frost and Snow Maidens, i.e. people with professional approach to congratulations of kids. If to approach this business with desire, it is possible not only to derive from the mass of pleasure, but also to make good money.
Translation agency choice Services
Выбор бюро переводовSo, we scheduled a business meeting with foreign partners and the skillful translator is necessary for us. Considering quotations of these husbands on services, there is no strong wish to lose with it therefore provident negotiators have to find out everything about bureau in which wish to order services. As people modern and busy, we will not visit bureau of candidates – all on the Internet.
What to present to the child (from 0 to 6 years) Holidays
Что подарить ребенку (от 0 до 6 лет)What to present to the child? This question excites all adults from time to time. After all so there is a wish to guess with a gift that the baby did not put it in a far corner, and it was played and spoke to all: "Here that the godmother presented to me!". Having collected experience of several mothers and having interrogated uneven-age children, it would be desirable to share valuable information.
Receipt in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Italy It is useful to know
Поступление в ВУЗы ИталииItaly from time immemorial was famous for the science, culture and education. Thousands of young people aspire to Bologna, Rome, Florence from year to year to acquire knowledge and to attend lectures of one of the best professors of the world. With what to begin? How to choose university? What documents are necessary? About all this, relying on own experience, I will tell in article.
Review of the movie Revolt of the planet of monkeys Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Восстание планеты обезьянSpiteful people catch some chimpanzee for carrying out medical experiences – tests of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease. From all a monkey only one, by nickname Caesar, shows a level of development which exceeds an appropriate level at small children. Caesar becomes the leader of the monkey revolt urged to finish the world of people.
Tarot cards, deal Card of day The unknown
Карты Таро, расклад Карта дняGuessing on tarot cards – one of the most known European techniques of guessing which became unusually popular in the territory of the CIS. But meanwhile it is one of the most difficult interpreted. The unique card can have many values. It is necessary to approach Taro's knowledge step by step, we recommend to choose as the first stage practice or a deal "The card of day".
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