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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to get rid of a fatty tumor Beauty and health
Как избавиться от жировикаAny, even the smallest problem with health is capable to bring a lot of discomfort. And even if it is esthetic and does not conduct to serious consequences, but negatively affects appearance - the spoiled mood and the underestimated self-assessment is simply guaranteed. One of such problems are fatty tumors. What provokes their emergence and how to fight with them?
Types of briquettes Beauty and health
Виды брекетовToday it is hardly possible to surprise someone with briquettes. Though they are used in stomatologic practice only slightly more than 40 years. In Russia briquettes of steel will be applied still later. It is considered that the first briquettes were thought up at the beginning of the last century by the American orthodontist by the name of Edward Engel. It is natural that the very first briquettes considerably differed from modern products on convenience and esthetics.
How to make gradient manicure Beauty and health
Как сделать градиентный маникюрOne more interesting novelty is offered by designers of nail service for the most courageous girls – gradient manicure. It looks specially elegantly, and to make it most will not make special work.
Wedding fashion 2014 Clothes
Свадебная мода 2014"It agrees!" - before to say this word, any girl marrying necessarily should become the real expert in the field of wedding fashion, to learn all subtleties of a wedding dress 2014, to learn the correct approach to formation of an image of the fantastic bride.
As it is correct to make up eyes with a pencil Beauty and health
Как правильно красить глаза карандашомPencil – the artist's tool, in talented hands capable to create masterpieces. Ability to do a beautiful make-up is some kind of same art. Everyone who has desire, patience and time can learn it. The cosmetic industry offers us in the help the whole arsenal of various means among which it is possible to find that will emphasize, will allocate and will decorate our identity.
Laser liposuction Beauty and health
Лазерная липосакцияTo you not to overcome excess weight in any way? You cannot long limit yourself in food? Then a new way which offer the centers of beauty – for you. Try to bring the body into norm by means of a technique of a laser liposuction.
Advantage of a bath for an organism Beauty and health
Польза бани для организмаSeveral decades ago, when in houses and apartments were not provided shower and bathrooms, a bath was nearly only place of ablution of a body. Presently the bath – it is rather, the vacation spot, opportunity to relax and have a rest with friends. And only the few know about medicinal properties of a steam room for health.
Increase in lips hyaluronic acid Beauty and health
Увеличение губ гиалуроновой кислотойChubby and sensual lips were a symbol of female attractiveness and sexuality at all times. Volume forms attract man's all eyes, instantly fascinating and tempting men. The modern technique of increase in lips hyaluronic acid comes to the rescue of the persons wishing to change the appearance.
Use of orange oil Beauty and health
Применение апельсинового маслаOrange extract – one of the most available types of essential oils which besides possesses a wide range of influence. This means is capable to make the regenerating, warming, relaksiruyushchy, sedative and anti-depressive effect. But its most important function – elimination of cellulitis.
How to draw arrows in the eyes Beauty and health
Как нарисовать стрелки на глазахThe beauty of female eyes always attracts, attracts and submits men. The incalculable number of songs and poems is devoted to this part of the face. Many women dream not to be worse owners of eyes, than at notorious east beauties. Correct meyk-ap will help to reach with this question of perfection.
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